Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So What!

So What Wednesday
This week I am saying, So What!:
-That I am breaking out like a 15 year old because my hormones/stress levels are going crazy. This adoption stuff is a lot harder than I thought.
-That I get really pissed annoyed when a woman says, "Oh, you're adopting? That's awesome, because you don't have to do all the hard stuff with a pregnancy." Okay, I've been pregnant and it is hard. And now, I've gone through the adoption process and for me it is so.much.harder. Holy loss of control batman! We have 2 weeks to go and time seems to be creeping by.
-That I have also heard a lot lately, "God won't give you more than you can handle". Which I believe is total baloney. I don't know if you have read the bible or not, but that's not the case at all...The bible DOES say that when we are broken down and can take NO MORE that the strength of God will be seen and I am standing on that promise. So let's go on ahead and quit saying that little phrase. Or at least to me...when I'm sensitive, hormonal and exhausted.
-On a less Debbie Downer note... So what that Isabelle is getting crazy competitive like her mama. She makes me race the cars when we are driving and when she was racing her older cousin and he was winning (he's 7!) she laid in the middle of the street and screamed and cried. It made me laugh (on the inside) because I am was the same way.
- That I am already getting nervous about March Madness. With Kentucky stinking it up and us getting a #1 seed,  I am feeling like the Jayhawks are getting all their MoJo together.
-That I worked on the "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" chant with Isabelle for TWO days, yet she still told her babysitter "GO AGGIES!" (Dang Mr. T.)

Monday, March 18, 2013

S*$t that Isabelle says...

Can you tell that her smile is fake? Mr. T told her to smile or she would have to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap...this is the smile we got. Parenting is all about threats, right? 

While I was putting away her laundry and bending down, apparently I had a little plumber crack going on:
Isabelle: "Ha! Daddy, look at that bum hangin' out!"

Immediately after going down the slide and she let a huge toot out:
Me: "Isabelle, do you need to potty?"
Isabelle: "No, I'm just tooting. No big deal."

Me trying to kiss her after a run:
"NO MOMMY! No kisses, until you get that sweat off!"

While racing her friend at the park:
Isabelle: "See ya sucka!"
Me: "Where did you learn that?"
Isabelle: "Bubba (her cousin), he's a funny little guy."

While walking through the stores and seeing manequins:
Isabelle: "Oh no! What happened to their heads?! They fell off!"

Monday, March 11, 2013

The worst Monday...

I hate the spring forward time change. Sure, it's exciting to be in "spring time", but I hate losing a precious hour of sleep. Plus, it's still cold outside. Barf.
My spin class still starts at 5:15 a.m., even though my body feels like it's 4:15. Double barf.
The good part about the time change? It hasn't hit Isabelle yet. She is still fast asleep which means I can watch country music videos (a favorite past time of mine) while drinking my coffee in silence.
 These guys don't make too much noise during my shows. And yes, that is how my dog ALWAYS sleeps.
I just realized I drank an entire pot of coffee by myself so hopefully I make it through the afternoon without a major crash. We shall see.

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Life in Pictures

We have been busy lately enjoying the spring like weather and getting outside as often as possible...

 I love the way she mimics her cousin. She looks up to him in every way.
 I love the way that he looks after his baby cousin. He will make sure she is never in danger...but always keeps her on her toes.


Just a little calm before the storm.

And I'm so ready to dance in the rain.