Thursday, June 30, 2011

Run, Shop, Pool, Threading..

Another hot one here in Oklahoma! I don't feel as "oh my gosh, it's so stinkin hot and it's not even summer yet" because it is officially summer now and the fourth of July is almost here so it's time for it to get steamy up in hurrr. I got up early again to run, this time I ran with this guy:

Since we ran hard yesterday and I plan on running hard tomorrow I just ran four easy miles this morning. It was a really nice morning and I ran again without music! I don't know what it is, but in the mornings I hate music! When I run any other time of day, I have to run with music or else I will quit early. I am kind of grouchy in the morning so I get annoyed really easily and music seems to just tick me off for some reason. It's kind of nice to just enjoy the morning and have my quiet time to pray, think about the day and WAKE UP!

My award for winning the 5k race on friday was $100 gift certificate to a local running store! Cha Ching! It was burning a whole in my poor pocket so today we went out and spent it! I got some cute Nike Shorts and a cute Adidas shirt. I have a tough time finding running shirts because I have a torso that belongs on someone that's 6'5" so most shirts are never long enough. The only brand that really fits me is Lululemon and we don't have a store here in Oklahoma (and I'm not rolling in the dough, so I only buy it for myself as a treat. Sometimes I treat myself quite a lot though. If you haven't tried it..don't. You will be addicted and love it and never want to work out in anything else or even change outfits for that matter. You'll be poor. You'll be a really cute, poor, happy runner) so I am trying out the adidas shirt. It looks pretty long so I'll let you know how it goes.  

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the splash park.  I can't stay inside all day and Isabelle insists on being outside so we have two choices: pool, or splash park. Today was the splash park. Of course, she loved it!

And then we enjoyed a little Pei Wei before heading to the mall for me to get "threaded". Yes, that's what I said. Have you heard of it? It's amazing. It's for your eyebrows and is like waxing, but it doesn't hurt as bad, it doesn't rip your skin off or make you look like you got in a fight with Mike Tyson. They do it all with this little piece of thread! Now, I'm telling ya, hair was flying like they were threading Chewbaca when they were working on me, so if it workes for me it can work on anyone! (Side note: they do bikini areas...normal, sure. Not normal: they are at a kiosk in the middle of our mall. WHAT? Who does that? We're in Oklahoma people. Conservative capital of the world!) 

A little demonstration on how they do it. Craziness to me! P.s. This is not my eye.
Did you watch the finale of the Voice? I was happy with the last two. Of course, I wanted Dia to win, but I am still happy for Javier. The highlight of the show...Miranda Lambert singing my favorite song of all time with Dia. The House that Built me makes me want to cry everytime I hear it. My parents lived in the same house my entire life until I turned 24 and they decided to move. Sad, sad day for me. I'm still bitter. So the song seems to fit my life perfectly. Do you have any songs like that?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Achy Breaky Heart

Mr. T and I did another workout together, but this time we smartened up and went in the morning. It's getting way too hot in the evenings and I just thought it might be a little dangerous to run hard when it's 101 outside. So this morning we got up at about 6am (Isabelle was our alarm clock) and we warmed up for the workout. When I wake up I crave my coffee! Since being a mom, I have become such an addict! I wish I could drink it before I run, but I wouldn't make it a half mile before I would have to sprint home to use the bathroom. It wouldn't be the first time for that to happen...I promise I have been on world record pace when I'm sprinting home.  TMI? Sorry Charlie, I'm what you call an over-sharer.

We did 4x 800(half mile) with 2 minute recovery. Then we finished with 4x400's(quarter mile) with 90 sec recovery. This workout was pretty hard for me..I don't know if I was just having a bad day, or if it's because I am used to working out in the evenings now. Do you workout better in the mornings or evenings? Does it make a difference or am I just a weenie?

After finally having some coffee (hallelujah!) and breakfast, Isabelle and I went to my mom's house to hang for a while. My mom has two yippee, annoying, cute dogs that Isabelle LOVES. She follows them everywhere and then right when she gets close...they run away. She thinks it's funny, they think it's terrifying.  

The girls teasing Isabelle with their cuteness...sorry for the crappy iPhone quality pic. Even though I found my camera, I forgot it today somewhere in my house. I'm a slow learner.

Tonight I made the perfect summer meal that from a recipe that I got from Jami HERE Even Mr. T thought it was delicious and requested that I "add it to the rotation". (If I ever cook for you, be careful on telling me you like it or else you will get it every other night for the rest of your life *cough*chicken enchiladas*cough.) and he generally only likes things that are covered in butter (can you hear those arteries slamming shut yet?!), fried (now you can..SLAM) and doesn't resemble the color green.   

I know this doesn't look that good...but it's only due to my poor photography skills and the fact that I couldn't stop eating it long enough to take a decent picture.Trust me you'll love it.

After a busy day I can sit back, relax and try and figure out what to do with this little mullet Isabelle is trying to work. I had a mully mullet/ mushroom haircut when I was growing up and I was horrified by the pictures  my entire life for a few years. I promised myself I would never do that to my I must have to figure something out before it's too late! I shouldn't allow my daughter to have a baby duck tail that's just itching to become a full on mullet that would make Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley Cyrus' dad for you tweeners) proud.

Good thing, I think she's the cutest thing in the world and could rock 
blue, pink, green or no hair (but Isabelle, please don't do that to your beautiful hair when you get older. You had to work for that hair. You had to go through a mullet stage for that hair!). I guess we'll just have to wait it out!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good News Bears!

I FOUND MY CAMERA! Actually, I shouldn't say I found it. My friend found it under her couch. Apparently it grew a few annoying legs and crawled out of my purse. I am relieved that I don't have to take more pictures on my iPhone and I saved the pictures from this weekend. Pictures are forever folks!
Before our race. Still smiling with dry shirts on.
After the race. Apparently, my family hates me and forgot to tell me I have mascara running down my face. RUDE! Isabelle's mad about it too...
My running family. Mr. T won the Clydesdales division. Do they have that division where you live? You have to be a man over 200 lbs. My mom won the over 60 ladies division. Sorry to put you both on blast with your weight and age. I'll get you a big Christmas gift this year.
Isabelle felt like she needed to burn a few calories and run too. What a show off.

Distracted by an airplane. Come on lady look alive and finish strong!

Atta girl.
My dad was thrilled because he didn't have to run and there was free beer. Clearly, we were out past my mom's bedtime and she decided to take a little snooze. Party foul mom.

On Saturday, we had so much fun at my nephews swimming party. My niece is only 2 1/2 months younger than Isabelle, so it's pretty convenient for them to play together.

Isabelle goin in for a little kiss
Allie suprising her with a little smack to the eye.

She also figured out what her tongue is. I guess Mr. T did too.

Fishy face!

P.s. Did you watch the Bachelorette yet? I am so glad she is over Bentley (or as she likes to say it, "Baentley") and I never have to hear her pronounce his name again. Now I can focus on the important things of the show...her outfits. I feel like I "have a real connection" and "chemistry" with all of her outfits, but I would NOT give a rose to her last rose ceremony dress. It was screaming "toddlers and tiara" to me. There I said it. What did you think?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lost Camera...

Do you ever feel like you need another weekend after the weekend? After the weekend we just had, I am more tired than I was before the weekend started. Something HAS to be wrong! Or it's just the fact that on Friday night we did a 5k in 97 degree heat. On Saturday we ran (yes, again), had breakfast and then went swimming for my nephews 8th birthday party. After we swam I ran to hobby lobby to get some things to craft and then we went out to dinner with our friends and finally to bed at about 10:30 (party animals! Frat boys have nothing on us!). On Sunday we went to church, worked in the yard, went swimming, and then had our family dinner. We seriously did not stop!

 In that seemingly never ending process....I LOST MY CAMERA! I have no idea where it is! I never "lose" anything. I do "misplace" things all the time, which has made me the best look-er in the world! I promise I can find Waldo in less than 10 seconds in whatever mischievous location he decides to hide himself. The camera has stumped me. I have turned the house upside down and called everyone I was with to see if it fell luck. Have you ever misplaced something valuable to you? I feel like I'm going to be sick when I think about it. I had just taken some really cute pictures of Isabelle playing at the race and playing with her cousins in the pool. I don't know what I did before I had a camera, but I don't want to go back to that! 

Anyways, I'll try to make this thing worth reading without any personal pictures. On Friday night, I won First Female overall at the 5k! I ran an 18:31, which I was really pleased with considering it was 97 degrees out. The heat makes my stomach hurt so I was really glad I didn't do this:
Would you rather WIN a major race and do this? Or lose the race and not crap your pants? I've run this scenario in my head countless times. Thank you IBS.
 On Saturday while at my nephews pool party, I hid out in the shade for most of the day and when I did venture out into the sun I was wearing SPF 75 (pretty sure it should just be called a liquid sweater because NOTHING is getting through that). It's so crazy that the older I get the more I'm like my mom and avoid the sun like the plague! I remember being a sun worshiper saying, "I'll never get wrinkles...I'll be young forever." I was such a moron. Wrinkles do happen (just ask my forehead) or ask Magda here:

"Yes, it's real leather"

So yeah, now are you so ready for me to get my camera back so I stop posting sick pictures? Me too. 

How was your weekend?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Post Friday!

Thank goodness for Fun Friday! It's been a busy/short week with a lot of time spent shopping for cars and we finally found and bought one! Yippee! So glad that headache is OVA! Say hello to my new little friend:
I kid, I kid. This is not my car. I'm not going to lie (again) though. I was so sick of shopping for cars that I was just about ready to drive this little bad boy around town and call it good.

Tonight we are running in a 5k here, so I am drinking LOTS of water and reading lots of articles on Kara Goucher. Maybe some of her crazy speediness will rub off on me through words. Here's to hoping!
"Yes, I just ran the fastest marathon on my life a few months after growing,  carrying and birthing a human being. No biggie."

Today I am linking up with Emily at the anderson crew for embrace the camera. This picture is of me and Isabelle after church (we didn't get paged out of this service...Hallelujah!).
Sorry for the terrible quality. It's an iphone pic.
Happy Fun Friday!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Comparing-Crazy Joy

I woke up this morning to 68 degrees and sunny! Perfect day for a 6 mile jog with Spike. When the weather at 6am isn't 86 degrees and 100 percent humidity, I remember why I love running so much! Spike went the whole way and I didn't even listen to music! That's (Victoria Beckham) MAJOR for me! I usually listen to pandora on my Iphone and I listen so much that I honestly have memorized several of their commercials. Yes, I know I could BUY pandora and skip the commercials, but I'm too cheap and I just enjoy free stuff a lot more.

recipe for crazy

Today I am linking up with Lesley at Recipe for Crazy for the Crazy Joy Challenge. If you want to know what this is all about, go to her page and find out. It's pretty exciting, fun, and challenging (are you so curious yet? You should be. This will change your life. Or it won't. Who knows?). 

The word of the week for the challenge is comparison. I came up with this pic:

This is what I came home to after my run. Two men, twenty four years apart, but sleeping the exact same way. One has a little more chest hair, (but not much. Thank the good Lord I didn't marry Austin Powers) yet they look so much alike when they are sleeping. My nephew stayed the night with us and insisted on sleeping in the middle. You could pretty much compare the two and see what the little guy will look like in twenty four years. Pretty adorable to come home to, if I do say so myself.

After some breakfast and coffee, Isabelle and I went to a local splash park with my mom. This place was crazy! She had so much fun watching the other kids play (this place is a free babysitter for lazy tired parents) and pulling my mom and I around until our backs screamed for mercy!
Rockin her model face.

Rockin her old man face
"Hey Lady! What's the point of you making me wear this Skipper hat if it won't even cover my face?"
And just like I remember the water parks doing to me...she was starving and exhausted when we left and took a nice, long nap. Thank you inventor of water parks.  

 My little sleeping cherub picture....or blackmail picture when she starts dating.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ready to run!

Well, we did it! We finished another summer workout! Mr. T and I are training for a few local 5k's this summer and then the Tulsa Run, which is a 15k, in October. We have been consistant with our workouts on Tuesday and then I do a longer run alone on Thursday. Our workout for this week was 1 mile hard and then 8x400's (quarter miles) with a 90 second recovery.
Don't be fooled by the smile. 30 seconds before this picture was taken, my face looked like I was passing a kidney stone.
 I pushed Isabelle in her jogging stroller and my goal was just to stay with Mr. T. Before you get all "why is she pushing the baby and not him?" let me say that Mr. T JUST started running and I came from a family of runners. I ran track and cross country in college, so I have a few more miles under my belt then he does. Believe me, I had to talk him into letting me push. It actually works really well because he doesn't want to get beat by a lady pushing a baby and I don't want to get beat by a silly boy that doesn't have a lot of running experience. Getting all girl power-ey up in this mug.
Mr. T's picture is a little more accurate of how we were really feeling, but I'm not going to put up MY pic that looks like I'm dying. This is MY blog so I have all the power! HA! He is not puking, but you can bet if he was, I would have gotten a close up pic. That's true love.  
Our Coach.

Chillin like a villain and hiding from the papa-papa-paparazzi
  I love that I can share one of my hobbies with Isabelle. And so until she's old enough for us to watch The Real Housewives together (or until ALL the ladies go broke and the show is cancelled) we will continue our runs (and I will continue watching the show. Alone. Before Mr T gets home and makes fun of me). What are your summer hobbies and how do you stay motivated?  

P.S. What did you think of "The Voice"? I LOOOOVE Blake Shelton's song, "Honey Bee". It's my new summer anthem. Holla!! You be my honeysuckle, I'll be your honey bee!!

Are we raising a lineman?

Lately, Miss Isabelle has been eating us out of house and home! She knows the baby sign for "eat"  so when she is ready to eat she grabs my face to make sure that I am making eye contact with her and then she starts signing "eat". She also knows the sign for "more" (it looks more like a clap than the actual sign for more), and she is wearing us out with that while she's eating! She is not exactly the most patient little lady. Mr. T and I both enjoy eating, but I don't think I ate a ton when I was little (even though I had some CHEEEEKS). Mr. T was really picky, but I think I pretty much ate anything and I'm pretty sure Isabelle  got that from me. Her favorite thing to eat is beans (HUGE mess), chicken and eggs, but not all together. She doesn't really like apples, strawberry's or bread which is crazy to me! She is a meat and potatoes kind of girl I guess! (Maybe someone cued her in on the Atkins craze? Maybe an endorsement deal is around the corner? I'll keep you posted) Is this normal for a 10 month old to suddenly start eating like a grown man?
There's no use wearing clothes on Spaghetti night. (Mr. T and I DO wear clothes on spaghetti night)

A bean go-tee is so lovely.
Either she's taking up body building, she's a half human/half vampire (hello twilight fans!)or she's going through a growth spurt. I guess it could also be because she has found a new hobby doing this:
She could drive this thing up and down the driveway for hours!

Either way, send your leftovers on over!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sorry for lying

I generally don't like to lie, but I said I would post a picture of my finished crafting project and I didn't! So here it is...a little late. I mod podged this fabric I found at Hobby Lobby on the seat and then braided and glued the remaining fabric to the back of the chair. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out! 

Well, it's official. We have a 10 month old and our lives have DRASTICALLY changed in that short amount of time. Our Friday nights used to consist of picking a fun restaurant to go try (bar and grill food is my favorite) where we would sit down over a few drinks and talk about our days and what our weekend plans were going to be. Our favorite thing to do after dinner was to get a large Whataburger chocolate milkshake and take a walk down the river. Have you had one of their milkshakes? If you haven't, go get one! They must put a little bit of crack in them because they are the most delicious and addicting things ever. Not that I have ever done crack, but I hear it's addicting (cue Whitney Houston: "Crack is whack"). After doing that atleast once a week for about a year, Mr. T. got the bright idea to check the calories on those suckers.....1400 calories. WHAT?! We cut down a little on them, but sometimes I just pretend he read the nutritional facts wrong and it's actually really healthy for you and virtually fat free.

Our lives circa Isabelle are completely different. This Friday we went to Chic-fil-a so Isabelle could play in the play set with the other 150 kids with too much energy (why do the tunnels in the playsets always smell like a fart?) and then we were home and in bed by 10:00.  I know, we're so wild. 

 I'm pretty sure I photo bombed my own picture.
Thank goodness we did go to sleep early on Friday because Saturday we had a full day! I started the day early to get my run in. I wanted to run 8 miles...I ran 2. I was so motivated for my run on Friday night, but then when I woke up my motivation was GONE. It was one of those runs that dragged on. At one point I thought I had run about 5 miles, but then my trusty Run Keeper lady came over my headset (Do you have the runkeeper app? It's amazing. It keeps your pace, your distance and best of's FREE) and told me I had only run 2 miles. I quit on the spot. Spike was mad at me and I'm pretty sure if he had opposable thumbs, he would have flipped me the bird. 
After a really quick shower we drove to Oklahoma City to shop for cars (gag me with a spoon..yup, I'm bringing that saying back) and then came home with just enough time to shower before we had to leave to go to a friends wedding. After running in the heat, then shopping for cars outside all day, I was tired of being hot. I felt like I couldn't sweat anymore. I was dead wrong. The wedding was outside. In June. In Oklahoma. The reception was outside. In June. In Oklahoma. I sweat the entire time. The wedding was beautiful with great food and a lot of delicious summer drinks. I had a few, but as my 91 year old grandmother likes to describe her wine drinking habit, "I like to get happy. Never dizzy." The drinks led to lots of dancing, which was such a blast!

Sweaty family photo. I'm pretty sure Isabelle is going to ask for a disco ball for her birthday.
Isabelle LOVED dancing with everyone, and was infatuated with the disco ball on the ceiling. We finally pulled that tiny party animal off the dance floor at 10:30!  

For fathers day we went to my brothers house to eat some BBQ and swim in their pool. My niece is 2 1/2 months younger than Isabelle so they love to play together (by play together, I mean poke each other in the face).
Swimming with her cousins (pic taken a few minutes before her exhaustion hit her and she had a major meltdown to finish the weekend).

Mr. T said he had a good fathers day and I know I enjoyed the weekend. I hope you had a happy Fathers Day! To the many of you that might struggle with this day, I hope that you know that you have an eternal father that is madly in love with you and will never leave your side (even if you accidentally lie and say you'll post a finished crafting project picture the next day and forget to do it until 3 days later).
 Have a great day!