Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Shannon for a little So What! Wednesday. Come on and join us and get a few things off your chest.

This week I am saying So what!

That I haven't had a "normal" weekend (i.e. in town, with just the three of us) in I don't know how long AND I don't know when the next time will be when we do have a regular ol' weekend.

If I am going to Nashville for 10 days without Mr. T to watch my nephew while my sister and brother in law are out of town and I am a little scared about doing it all alone. Single moms ALWAYS amaze me!

If we are putting our house on the market this week and we are expecting to do our "home visits" for DHS anytime so that we can foster/adopt ON TOP of all our other life adventures right now. This should be hectic just a blast.

If I don't know what this whole thing is about: #. The hash tag has always been a little bit of a waste of a symbol to me and now it just confuses me. I assume it just means you put the hash tag and then you follow it with something clever. #IamanoldladyandIdon'tcarewhoknowsit.
Is that how it works?

If I have a feeling you will see me on the news someday with the headline, "Mom gets all momma bear on another person who was smoking at the park while standing right next to tons of kids playing." It really, really makes me angry and want to fight when parents smoke and hang their cigarettes in their hands where kids could get burned!
 Also annoying? People that cheer at MARATHONS and smoke. Why would that ever be a good idea? Sure, smoke. But please don't smoke on me while I'm grasping air #thankyouverymuch. (I'm getting better!)

If I haven't run in over a week to give my body a break  because I was told I really need to be drinking tons of water and re hydrating because my insides took a beating during the marathon. I am not running, but I am also not drinking water. Lots and lots of Dr. Pepper re hydrates right?

If I am using this post to get EVERYTHING off my chest. Sometimes I need to clear the air. Sound good?


mom FITting it all in said...

Sounds great. VENT :)

Jen said...

I'm okay with the idea that Dr. Pepper re hydrates if you can check off that Diet Mt. Dew re-hydrates too. I'm right, right?

Leah said...

lol that's so funny you mentioned single moms amaze you, because married moms... ans SAHM's especially amaze ME! Thats' what I wrote about in my so what wed. post today too lol!

Brandy said...

I hate when people smoke around kids! Terrible! Also, Dr Pepper is the absolute best way to hydrate, in my opinion. :) Hop over and see what I'm saying So What to!