Friday, April 13, 2012

Welp, this is just great.

I received this beautiful little email this morning:

Last year I ran a marathon in Dallas and had to stop at mile 16 because of heat exhaustion (self diagnoses..) and it was 80 degrees that lovely afternoon as well.
I have been training in the middle of the afternoon, pushing Isabelle in her stroller, trying to heat train so hopefully some of that will pay off.

Either way, I'm going to try and have a good time. It's a long trip, but I won't lie and say I am not looking forward to traveling without a child. For tiny humans, they come with a TON of stuff! Plus, I get to finish reading this amazing book:

It's a memoir about a girl that grew up in the foster system and was later adopted. It's a tough read, but it's giving me a great insight to how the CHILD can feel during this tough phase and how we can help. Any other adoption books you would recommend?

So I sign off until next week! Hopefully, I come back with, a fast time, a new tat, a Plymouth Rock souvenir, and a belly full of sea food.

Have a good weekend and think lovely thoughts about me on Monday morning!


Erin said...

You got this mama!!! Sending lots of prayers your way this week! Enjoy the trip to Boston :)

mom FITting it all in said...

ohh a new tat???