Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting her in the spirit

This is my GIANT So What!
So What Wednesday
I have mentioned before that I am a Christmas junkie. My entire life, I have loved everything about Christmas and each year I get a little depressed on December 26th and I have to take down all my decorations and all the gifts I pretended that I liked (kidding! No I'm not). Now that I have a daughter, Christmas has gotten even MORE fun and I am hoping that I can give her that same love of Christmas.
Now, let's just get this out in the open....we DO Santa. I don't think it's going to put my kid in counseling because I "lied" to her during childhood (she will probably already be in counseling because her mom's a kook and pushes Christmas down her throat, but whatever) because Santa is a cool guy. That childhood innocence is gone way too early and I want to embrace it while we still have it. So I taught her Santa Claus songs, we were the first in line to visit him and we talk about him being "nice" and jolly. We will do the Elf on the Shelf when she is old enough to actually name him and we will do ALL the other trends that come around.
We ALSO teach that Christmas is about Jesus' birthday. It's the best birthday party in the world for the most amazing man that ever walked the earth and we tell her that. We teach her that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus and not about the gifts (she's not about the gifts either...she asked Santa for a blue sucker. That's it.). If you ask her who's birthday is coming, she will say, "JESUS!"
All that being said, she loves to sing about I let her. And it's freakin' cute.