Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So what!

So what! If:

I have fallen in love with a new show...Duck Dynasty. Seriously. Have you seen it? It's hilarious and I find myself quoting it quite often. Don't judge.

I went to the local water park for and I got an impromptu ego boost. Now, I am no Giselle, but I also know what my body can and cannot wear. I will leave it at that.

I officially felt old while watching MTV's Movie awards. The jokes were crude and not funny, the outfits were tacky and loud and the winners were nerdy or acted like they were too cool for the show...Kristen Stewart, let's be honest girl.

Izzy can count to 10 in Spanish, but we didn't teach her that. Dora did. It makes me a tad embarrassed that a cartoon character is teaching her, but whatever works. Momma needs that time to finish her coffee.  

The Oklahoma City Thunder is playing to go to the NBA championships and I kind of hate watching. I hate rooting for a team and getting all worked up if they are going to lose. I am crazy competitive and it honestly pains me to lose. Mature, I know.

Your turn!


Laura said...

Duck Dynasty is SO awesome. I love it!

Jillzy said...

so what if dora is teaching our kids. at least they're learning, right? dora wont know if we take credit, right? ha!

Erin said...

No matter how she learned it, I'm impressed she's counting to ten in Spanish. I say it's a win :)

Katie @ minivan diva said...

i am so with you on the MTV awards. I didn't know who 90% of the people were.

Bethany said...

just saw a couple of episodes of Duck Dynasty….that is great TV!!