Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I leave on Friday to meet Mr. T in Paris. I have never been to Paris, or even Europe for that matter, but I can hardly wait! I can't wait to eat croissants at every meal, drink wine like it's water and pretend like I'm Carrie Bradshaw (the episodes that she moves there with the Russian...anyone?). It sounds amazing. Mr. T's parents are coming to stay with Isabelle so she is going to get a little vacay of her own. I have never been this far away from her (or for this long), but I know that we will both have a blast.

This week, I am soaking up the Halloween festivities with her and enjoying precious time with my nephew while my sister and brother in law are out of town. They have the most adorable relationship and since they are both only children, they seem to treat one another like siblings. It's so cute. She copies EVERYTHING he says and he finds wayyy too much enjoyment out of it. He is making her a tiny republican, by constantly asking her if she is for Romney (or as he says it, Rominey) or Obama. When she says Romney, he cheers. When she says Obama, he boos. Quite hilarious that it only took him a month to live in Oklahoma and he is already a flag waving republican.
I won't get into politics, but it's cute no matter who you're voting for.

I will see you in a week or so....maybe by then I'll have a sweet french accent and wear a beret.
One can only hope.


Stephanie said...

I am green with envy over here! Enjoy Paris. I keep telling James that I want to go to Europe for our 10th wedding anniversary... only need to wait 9 more years! ;)

Jen Grantham said...

Have a most wonderful time! The other thing you must do while in Paris...stop at a bakery (there's one on every corner) and get a fresh baked baguette, find a bench and either read or people watch. It's a MUST! Can't wait to hear all about your fun!