Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The calm before the storm

This weekend most of Oklahoma's prayers were answered when Fall came through. 110 degree days are a thing of the past and I have officially put my flip flops away. This weekend we celebrated a "calm before the storm" by doing NOTHING all weekend. Sure, we ran a 10k race, played with ALL my nieces and nephews, went to a pee-wee football game, attended our neighbors first birthday party, had a family football game and completed our home study, but compared to our life right now...this weekend was calm. 
It was rainy and cold so we did enjoy a day just hanging inside, drinking wine and watching college football games. It was glorious.
This week we get ready to be out of town for a week (2 weeks for Mr. T) and preparing ourselves and our lives to leave Isabelle longer than we've ever left her.
I can hardly wait to see Paris in the fall and be alone with Mr. T for a while, but I am going to miss my tiny sidekick.
Sister is learning how to cheer for her favorite team while still staying warm and cozy in the comfort of her own home.

Mr. T and cousin Bubba enjoying the lazy afternoon

Nothing finishes a cozy day like making cookies (and eating all the chocolate chips out of the dough).
We also completed our home study for adoption (the 5th one we've read that correctly. 5!). We now are ready to have our Life Book looked at by birth mothers. We are going through DHS and a crisis pregnancy center here in Tulsa, where birth mothers CHOOSE adoption. We are continuing to try and be patient throughout the entire process, but I'm not going to say that it's easy.
So we continue to wait.
And pray that our phone rings and we get "the call".
Until then, we will continue to be a happy family of three!  


momFITtingitallin said...

I have been wearing boots for the last three days JUST bc the temps are below 100 degrees :)

Here is to receiving THE call very soon.


Stephanie said...

Your calm weekend sounds like ours. We stayed in getting things together for the baby's arrival but we are nonstop. It's a good thing!