Monday, October 15, 2012

Single Mommin' it

 That's right. Mr. T has left for Germany and it's just me and the little lady. Sure, we have spent most of our time at my moms house hanging with family (don't judge me, I'm 27 and scared off the boogey man) but it's still a lot more exhausting to do this whole mom thing alone. Our weekend was jammed pack with the Holiday Mart, football games, soccer games and some antique shopping. Isabelle got a deal on this adorable Snow White costume and I, eventually, caved and bought it for her. She is dying to dress like a princess, but I know once she starts to dress like a little girl, she will be a little girl and not a baby anymore. I didn't think I was ready for that until I slipped the Snow White dress over her head....She lit up and twirled and ran throughout the store (also rocking her rain boots). It was adorable.
 I had a great show at our Holiday Market and met so many great women and heard some amazing stories. I am not the most open person when it comes to our family story, but if people ask, I will answer any questions honestly. Through Noonday, I have HAD to be more open and I have found that when I do that, women are more open with their story. It's amazing. I walk away from every show blown away by what people have been through, are going through and it gives me hope, knowing that we're not alone in this process. So if I met you on Saturday, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for Shopping for a Cause and sharing your story.


Jen Grantham said...

That picture is priceless. I would like to request that she wear that outfit to our play date.

Erin said...

You better have this picture framed in your house mama! Glad your family is close enough to be with right now. Doing this mom thing alone could not be easy!

Paige said...

How cute is that picture!! Hope you're doing great!