Monday, January 7, 2013


So, I'm back on the running train. I took about a month and a half off from ANY activity and it was completely necessary (after the Tulsa Marathon), but now I realize how much I missed getting out and running. The weird thing about running is that the more time you take off, the easier it becomes to take MORE time off and then when you FINALLY start again, it feels like you developed the black lung. Yuck.

Sure, it's cold and dark when I get out of my nice warm bed, but I never regret it when I'm done and I realized how much I needed that little quiet time. When my alarm goes off, I try not to think of what I have to do, I just lace up my shoes and try to be HALF as excited as my dog is about what we are about to do. Have you tried it? I promise you won't hate it....well, you might hate it for a bit, but you'll get over it. Promise.

Mr. T. and I decided that we would run a half marathon in Dallas for his dirty 30th Birthday(if he doesn't break a hip between now and then) but I am not planning on doing any sort of "training". My "training plan" is just to run enough that I don't have to buy bigger pants (funny how you stop working out and start chowing and your dryer suddenly begins shrinking your pants. Gah, I hate that) but not too much that I want to quit.
I hate the gym, so running is pretty much the only activity that I really enjoy. Maybe one of these days I'll get on all those crossfit/ bootcamp bandwagons, but for now I'm too big of a wimp to get yelled at in the gym. I'll stick to letting Spike the Dog motivate me.  

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