Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend's here.

We had another amazing weekend at home. When you are gone every weekend, you really start to appreciate stuff that you normally don't think twice about. In our household, we are starting a new tradition of "Family Night" which includes just the three of us staying in and watching a family friendly movie. With my parents and siblings being so close, we are fortunate enough to get to hang with them A LOT, so we have to remember to spend time with just us three. It's so nice. Friday night we got Pei Wei (a family favorite) and set out to watch a "Princess Movie" (because that's all the Isabelle requested, which was fine by us as long as it wasn't Dora). Mr. T. and I were set on watching The Little Mermaid because we know it's a goodie, but we had no idea it would be IMPOSSIBLE to find. We searched everywhere and are not quite ready to buy it on Amazon for $50! Seriously! Arial is a hot commodity! Since we couldn't find the movie, we watched The Lion King. Isabelle really liked most of it, but not quite as much as Mr. T. and I did. I know I sound like an old lady by saying this, but they don't make cartoons like that anymore. The theme of the Lion King is so good and the soundtrack is even better!

Our Saturday was filled with TONS of my nephews basketball games. It was a blast and of course, Isabelle loved being a cheerleader with her cousin.

I always said that my child would NEVER wear a character shirt....but then I actually HAD a child and I had a child with a crazy, strong opinion. So I lost. Or I will say, "I choose my battles" because that's mom talk for my toddler just won.

This is what she does when you bug her...she pretends to be asleep. Seriously.

On Saturday afternoon, Isabelle took a nap at my mom's house so Mr. T. and I could get a good run in. As soon as we started our run, it started raining and was freezing cold(we're talking 20's with a crazy north wind) so by the time we finished, we knew we deserved a night of beer and bowling. That's how we reward ourselves around here.

I'm terrible at bowling, but I will blame it on being distracted by the cutest bowler ever wearing the tiniest and most adorable/hideous bowling shoes.


Jen Grantham said...

Adore their cheer outfits. BTW, I was just bowling Friday night?! How do our paths keep crossing so closely and we haven't met yet?! We need to change this. A play date and also a sewing date to get that machine of yours warmed up.

Kar @allmylovemommy said...

So fun :)

What? you don't like bowling shoes? hehe We've purchased a few character shirts and Pj's too... just the cute ones though ;)

I love that you guys run together! Hubby and I were running with the kids a lot when the weather was warmer. I'm hoping to train for a 1/2 now...