Thursday, April 18, 2013

Parental Rights

We have had quite the adjustment with a family of four. Berkley is doing a ton better (thank you for all your sweet words!) and we are loving the adjustment, but change is always a little tough for me. Do you know what makes a newborn adjustment awesome? A baby that only wakes up ONCE during the night. It's awesome. I think we are finally getting payback for her (literally) screaming for 2 weeks straight. She is now eating a ton during the day and sleeping it off at night. She is still tiny, but she is growing strong. We went for a 3 week checkup to go over her medicine routine and she weighed a whopping 6lbs 2oz. She's tiny but mighty.
 Through all of this, we have been trying to keep Isabelle's schedule normal. She does swimming lessons on Saturday and that has become her second favorite thing to do.
 Her first favorite thing to do....hold her sister.
 Thank God for grandparents. Mr. T's parents came in town so we could enjoy a night out with country music (Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley) beer and a little alone time with my hot date. Perfect.

Tomorrow at 10:30 Berkley's birth mom will stand in front of a judge and sign away any rights she has for Berkley. I am terrified. Not that she won't sign them, but I am scared for the emotions she is going to have during that time. I can't imagine doing a more selfless thing in my life. Her strength amazes me. She has been seeking professional help for her addictions and she is doing awesome, but she is also tons of support. We hope to be that support for her and we hope that she lets us.


Bethany B said...

Wow! I have been away from your blog for a while and I have to say:
I'm praying for you
I'm so proud of you and your boldness in talking about Berkley's methadone addiction
The hubs and I are in the waiting period for our adoption and having you talk about this is actually extremely helpful!
Thanks so much for sharing this…it truly does mean so much to me!

Katherines Corner said...

there a whole lot of happy in this post! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

jen said...

I just caught up on your adoption...what a journey you have been on lately! Many prayers that everything went well in court and little Berkley continues to eat and sleep and grow!

Jelli said...

Hope that your visit to the judge went well and that Berkeley keeps up those awesome once a night wakings. I can't imagine how wonderful that would be with such a young baby. Here's hoping my soon-to-come little one takes after your little girl (now...not those other two weeks ;)