Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Christmas to remember

This Christmas was a completely new experience for us. I don't want to say, "It was a terrible Christmas" because that might be a tad bit sacrilegious. I will say I didn't have a blast on Christmas day. Saturday night, Mr. T started complaining of stomach cramps. After taking some pepto bismol, we decided he had just eaten too many Christmas cookies.
About 30 minutes later, he was praying to the porcelain toilet. About 2 hrs later, Izzy woke up covered in throw up. After giving her a late night bath all while Mr. T. was rushing in and out of the bathroom, my stomach started cramping. The rest of the night was a circus. Izzy was puking in our bed, we were changing sheets... all while tag teaming the toilet. Merry Christmas to us! 

That morning, Mr. T and Izzy woke up feeling a little better, while I was still crampy and drained. Isabelle was the biggest trooper! She would chug water, laugh, open presents,puke...then repeat. It was sad and hilarious at the same time. Without the water puke, you would have thought she was perfect! Thankfully, it less than a 24 hour bug so it was over quickly. I am also glad none of my nephews got it...I know they would be mad if they thought Santa brought them a stomach virus instead of a new football helmet. 

Thankfully, the first part of Christmas week was great. We celebrated me and my sisters birthdays by driving around in a pink hummer looking at Christmas lights, we went out for a little two steppin' (Christmas isn't complete without that!) and we did a lot of laying around and watching Isabelle and her cousin Carter (a.k.a. Bubba) wrestle and play together.

How sweet is this guy to let her crawl all over him?

Right before he wiped the icing off her boobs...Also before his Elf, Freddy, met Barbie.

My Birthday Wish..To look like poo and not wash my hair. Check, Check.

My Nashville Family

Adorable cheerleader complete with chocolate face and Christmas tree pretzel in hand.

The Cheerleader decides that football is way more fun than cheering.

This sassy little picture just makes me laugh

Hanging with her dad and her grim reaper Uncle.

Trying to keep his presents away from Isabelle

You can see her lips yelling, "BUBBA!" They live 700 miles apart, yet still act like siblings.

The Daredevil standing on her rocking chair without hands.

After Puking rally, she got to open some presents from her Cousin Allie.


And because no blog is complete without the Glowing Christmas Tree Pic.
Christmas day might not have been perfect, but then again is it ever? The Christmas season was great. I am always sad to take down our decorations, put away Christmas clothes, and start feeling guilty again for the extreme Christmas goodie gluttony but I still wouldn't trade the season for anything.

How was your Christmas? 


Katie @ minivan diva said...

I have heard of so many people who had the stomach flu this Christmas. I'm so sorry that your family was hit so hard. But in typical form, you made the best of it and had a sense of humor about it.

Ashley said...

Oh NO!!! My son had this little bug Friday morning and my daughter had it Christmas morning :( She actually made it through opening all her presents without running to the bathroom. Hope your Family starts feeling better soon

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love the pictures of the kids opening their gifts...so sweet!

Nicole said...

ahh! you poor dears! that sounds horrible.

i remember one thanksgiving when all my younger siblings got chicken pox. it was miserable. my one sister had to go to the hospital. ahh! so sad.

hope you are all better soon!

Katie said...

I hate that you ALL were sick. It must have been a universal Christmas bug because my boyfriend and two cousins all had it Christmas day.

What a nice way to spend Christmas.

Izzy is adorable. Despite all your sicknesses I hope your Christmas was still at least a little Merry.