Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas in Texas

You know when you were little and you always thought, "Divorced families are awesome! You get twice as many presents for Christmas and for birthdays!"? You didn't think that? Maybe I was a tad materialistic when I was a young lady. My parents just celebrated their 40 year wedding anniversary, so I never got the chance to have twice as many gifts. Dang them and their successful marriage! I kid, I kid. A little. Mr. T DOES come from a divorced family, so now that I'm old I get to celebrate 3 Christmas'! It's a pretty sweet deal.
This weekend we headed down to Texas for our Christmas with his family. His sister just had a baby, so it was so much fun to catch up with them and let Izzy play with her new baby cousin.

He is so sweet. And sleeps through the night. And doesn't fuss. Ever. We asked him to put in a good word for us with Santa because this guy has been a GREAT boy!

This picture makes me laugh. She's loving him and he's terrified.

Isabelle loves her BopBop
We also went to a cute little Christmas festival in Grapevine, Texas. Now, I am all for Santa, but I understand kids' terror when it comes to sitting on his lap. Think about's very creepy. So I have no idea who thought this Santa would be less frightening:

So naturally, we had to have our daughter take a picture with them.

If she were capable of giving me the bird, I have a feeling I would have gotten it after this one.
We made up for torturing her with a pony ride with her BopBop. He got called her, "dad" a few too many times though..grossy.

 The weather was perfect. I wouldn't have changed anything about it. It was 60 degrees and sunny without a single cloud in the sky. I am not one that needs a white Christmas. I don't even need a Christmas where you can see your breath. Call me crazy, but I don't love bundling up to walk outside, or having to sprint from your car to the grocery store in order to keep your legs from freezing off.
Trying out her new Tom's shoes. She loves them...she's such a tiny humanitarian.

So there's another Christmas down in the books. Two more to go and if they are half as much fun as this one was, then it will be a Christmas miracle!


Ashley said...

That Santa on stilts is kinda scary I agree but really neat lol and that picture of your Daughter on the pony is priceless

Laura said...

I love little cute! That is one freaky looking Santa. Grayson flipped with a regular ol' jolly Santa, I can't imagine him with one on stilts!

Erin said...

She's such a cutie with the baby! Love their expressions!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Love the pic with the freaky santa. Yikes! And you're rocking' the red jeans, my friend.