Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I am saying SO WHAT! :

If I get a tad nervous every time I have to enter one of those codes on the computer to make sure you're not a spammer or whatever. You know the ones...where you have to type TYGPE, KiTe. I feel like if I type it wrong, I am going to be in trouble.

If I sign up for something on the internet and I have to confirm my email, I will generally not sign up for it. Takes wayyy to long and I am compulsive. If you make me wait that long, I will most likely be over it quickly.

If I wonder who actually reads the "terms and conditions" when they are 37 pages long and in tiny writing. One of these days I am going to learn my lesson and at least skim the pages. Probably not though.

If it's obvious that I have been shopping wayyyy too much online lately. Not obvious to you? See above.

The instrumental Christmas music gives me the urge to go shopping at Hobby Lobby. They always play that kind of music and I love it. Classical Conditioning at it's finest right there folks.

Teen Mom is back and I'm so excited to watch it (I DVR'd it). I follow most of them on Twitter (except for Kailyn....snooze fest) so I feel like I already know what's going on with them. Jennelle's still a train wreck and still needs some serious counseling while Chelsea still needs an intervention for her obsession with leopard print.

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