Thursday, December 1, 2011

Was the Spicy Chicken Sandwich worth it?

This week, my car decided that it didn't want to blow hot air anymore. It's getting pretty cold here, so heat is a must. At least it's not snowing, but really is there ever a great time for your car to act dumb?
A plus side to having your car fixed? Lunch dates with Mr T!
Isabelle and I got ourselves all dolled up for a fabulous little 3 course meal at Chic*fil*a.

Of course she has a better wardrobe than I do. She is also still letting me dress her...even though I am slowly seeing that change. More on her tacky adorable, glittery choices for another post.

So we loaded up and headed to eat our favorite meal. Where else can you get sorta healthy, fast food with a super clean playground and a great staff? Isabelle doesn't love chicken nuggets, but she loves the fruit that comes with her meal so Mr. T and I usually get our sandwiches, plus her chicken nuggets..seriously, I hope she doesn't grow out of that stage...On the other hand, the seams in my jeans are praying for her to grow out of that stage. She gets a fun, learning toy with her meal and then gets to play in a safe playground with other little kids. PERFECT! What could go wrong with this? 
Fast forward to today, she now has a fever, runny nose, a cough and all she wants to do is lay around. We are also flying out to Atlanta for the weekend to visit family. Couldn't have been more ridiculous timing. 
Now, I will not point fingers or blame anyone. But before she played on the playground she was happy and healthy. Mr. T and I were fat and happy as well. Now we are tired, stressed, and unhappy.
 Laying around and reading books is the new thing to do.

Is the playground at fault? I don't know...But I do have to wonder now, if I really think the spicy chicken sandwich was worth it?  Jury's still out on that.


Laura said...

I don't go to many indoor play areas for kids anymore because Grayson gets sick every single time afterwards. He's gotten hand, foot, mouth & the stomach AND colds. It always happens to be right before a trip too-ha!

Spicy chicken sandwich is tasty...that's a close call. Hope she feels better quickly!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I seen surveys to where they never really clean them like they are suppose to so I cant stand it I think germs everytime I try to take the kids their hate it because who knows what they could catch :(