Thursday, December 29, 2011


It's that time of the year again. Out with the old and in with the new. Time to start fresh and try something new or just try to do something that you told yourself you were going to do last year.
That's right, I'm talking New Years Resolutions. Do you have them? I know the people that say, "I don't do resolutions, I just set goals year round." I totally used to do be that person, but I think New Years is a perfect time to get your bum in gear and do some work on those goals!
Last year was my first year to actually set a New Years Resolution and follow through with it...I should actually say, Mr. T and I set the resolution. We added up all the mornings we went out to grab coffee and decided that staying in and making our own coffee would be MUCH cheaper and faster (I know, you don't have to tell me how brilliant we might go to our heads). So we did just that and this year we make coffee every morning at our own little coffee bar at home. My mom rewarded us with a new Keurig coffee pot, which is the answer to all your coffee problems, especially if your impatient and ADD....a.k.a. Me!

So this New Year, I am starting my training again. After Halloween I have basically taken off from running to enjoy sleeping in and giving my body a much needed break. Now I am ready to kick it back into full gear and since I have gotten into the mother ship, it's really time to run hard again. Mr. T has already bought our plane tickets to Boston and we  have Gaga and BopBop coming to stay with Izzy (they are her grandparents, not creepy muppets like their names would have you believe). So, I have some pressure motivation.
Still smiling at Mile 17.

Sister, myself and dad after the Nashville Marathon.

We are also setting a New Years resolution to say, "goodbye!" to this:

No, not the cute baby (although I have threatened to turn her back in a few times around 2am when she is ready to party), but the pacifier. It has become a staple for her, it wakes her up at night when she can't find it, it's annoying to constantly bring it everywhere we go and "clean" it every time it drops (me putting it in my mouth constitutes cleaning it right?) and we always seem to lose one. So the thing has got to go.

I know it's going to be really rough for a few days and may lead to a few nightmare nights, but we are willing to take the challenge. Plus, who needs sleep? Oh that's right...I'm going to be training for a marathon and Mr. T's schedule is going to be really busy. Again, I know we're brilliant.
If it's too rough we might just send the pacifier with her to college.
Here's to a great New Year!


Ashley said...

WOW I could only dream of running a marathon!! The most I have done is a 5K. Keep it up girl...thats awesome. As far as the pacifier..yea been there and it actually wasnt that bad. Deep breath HA

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Good luck on the pacifier. I only had one boy use one and he had it until he was 3!

Julie said...

We're about to get rid of the pacifier too. Yikes! I'll be rooting for you here in Boston during the marathon!