Monday, February 13, 2012

Girls Weekend

Mr. T grew up with 3 sisters so he is quite familiar with hanging with girls and letting us do our thing. That was definitely the case this weekend because his sister came in town to hang out and we spent the weekend, eating (always a fun time), shopping and painting nails. What man doesn't love those activities?

     Isabelle is thinking of opening her own beauty salon.

Winter time in Oklahoma has finally hit, so we spent most of the weekend indoors. On Saturday it was 17 degrees outside with a windchill of 7. I was just about the only idiot runner on our running path running 16 miles. Thankfully, Mr. T ran the last few miles with me and got to witness the freezing of my pony tail. You know what's really attractive? Frozen spit and snot stuck to your face without you even being able to feel it because your face is so hot.
After warming up with about 14 cups of coffee I finally regained my color and looked a lot less like a blue Avatar so we could head out and get our shop on.

Little Miss is enjoying the shopping experience and Mr. T gets a workout with her. There's nothing more hilarious then seeing a screaming/laughing toddler sprint from isle to isle followed by her dad with an exhausted look on his face.
 What a little hipster


Ashley said...

you are my idol lol 16 miles? Thats awesome and I am proud of running a 5k everyday HA

Wani said...

I love the nail painting pix! SO precious!