Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Wordless Wednesday}

What I'm loving today?
Sisters love for her dogs.
She makes Spike watch Dora with her (she pushes him until he sits by her on the couch).
She brings Spike sticks and his dog bowl to try to make him happy.
She screams in excitement when they take something from her (a piece of food or toy).
They are her favorite toys.

Ps. I know I'm not keeping it "wordless", but when am I ever the one to not say anything? I'm such a rule breaker


Ashley said...

her little tutu is so cute

Chrissi said...

this is a precious post!! thanks for sharing :)

chrissi @

Michelle said...

I love the tutu!! At our daycare we always say, "A tutu makes everything so much better!" Great photos!!

Anonymous said...

aww. love these!!

Shon said...

This is so sweet. I remember when our girls were this age. Savor every second as it flies by in a vapor.