Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Blues?

Doesn't exist here. The giant fat gerbil saw his shadow yesterday which means 6 more weeks of winter and if that means days of 65 degrees and sunny, then I'll take it. 

This weather reminds me of southern California...minus the oceans, celebrity's and crazy taxes. Other than than we're pretty much the spitting image.

In running news: my recovery week went well. I didn't have any workouts and I don't have much of a long run tomorrow, so we are planning a family coffee and donut breakfast date that I have been craving for weeks now!
Do you know how hard it is to run by your neighborhood bakery and see all the cute little families enjoying breakfast while you are JUST STARTING a 20 miler? It's hard. So this week we're soaking it up and Izzy is bringing her best friend along. She is having her very first slumber party tonight with her bestie while his parents hit the town.

I already over heard her saying the first one to fall asleep gets their diaper frozen.... 


Erin said...

Amen! I am up for year round winter if it means sun and 70 degrees!

And dear Lord, a 20 mile run?! I'd say you deserve that doughnut :) Glad recovery week went well. Have fun this weekend!

Laura said...

This weather has been amazing! Kinda worries me about summer though if it is already 65 degrees in February...eek!

Tagged you in a post this morning!

Kristina said...

Saying Hello from the link up @ The Wiegand's :)