Thursday, February 7, 2013

Making Valentines

This week we are making Valentines for all our relatives that don't live so close by. We are trying to teach Isabelle that special holidays aren't JUST for her, but that she needs to give out love as projects are fun.

The craft is simple: get some puffy pipe cleaners and put some cute beads on them. I tried to get Isabelle to stick with the whole red and white Valentines day colors, but in true Isabelle fashion, she made sure she made some that were blue (sister LOOOOVES blue, or as she likes to call it BAHLUE).
Toddler world is an interesting world. One week, I am ready to turn in my mom card and just quit and then the following week I can't imagine spending more than a few hours away from my girl. I believe that kids have a "parent detector" so that they know exactly how far they can push their parents to the limits before they need to do something super cute to reel them back in. Right now she is in the super cute, talkative, sweet phase which is awesome.
Her vocab is exploding which makes things even more fun, but at the same time it can make things more challenging because she is vocalizing EVERYTHING. Yesterday, she fell down and said, "Owww I hurt my feelings!" (girls are uber sensitive at EVERY age). She also told me while we were eating lunch together to "slow down and take little bites mommy. It's not going anywhere" which made me feel like Jillian Michaels was joining me for lunch.
Toddlerhood is awesome, right?

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Jen Grantham said...

Toddlers are awesome, but yours is freaking amazing. She cracks me up!!