Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
This week I am saying, So What!:
-That I am DYING for a new blog design (thanks Shannon for the heads up with Jess' Blog designs. I am so going to use her) but I don't want to get it started until I have pictures of our NEW baby to add to my little treasures. 5 more weeks!
-That 5 weeks sounds like an eternity. This whole adoption thing is a LOT tougher than my pregnancy with Isabelle.
-That we are going to an adoption conference this weekend at our church and Jen Hatmaker will be speaking. Her book,"Interrupted" is amazing and she is hilarious. I am ready to pick up and move to Austin so that we can be besties.
- That Noonday's New Spring Line is beautiful and the stories behind each and every one of the new items is even more beautiful. I am going to be broke very soon (Sorry about that Mr. T).
-That I'm the only human that didn't watch the Oscars or even care a little about who won. Lately, I have only been watching kid movies and so I don't even know most of the people or movie titles to stay relevant. I DO know that I loved Jennifer Lawrence before people found out that she was funny. Hello, she can shoot a bow and arrow like a boss.
-That I am a 28 year old, married, mom in the suburbs and I just said, "Like a Boss". Please still be my friend.


Stephanie said...

It peeves me a little that every one now loves Jennifer. I've loved her for ages. We go way back ;)

I am so excited to see pictures of your family of 4!! And even more so to find out her name. I love baby girl names.

Laura Ryder said...

I am so with you on the Oscars! I could have cared less!

Stooped by from SWW linl up...Love you're blog and I myself love running..also a Texas girl myself. :)

New follower!


Danielle Huddleston said...

HA! I made a half hearted attempt at the Oscars but they were bugging my husband and I did not really care enough to watch. Can't wait to see your new little one! That would be rough though! Your so what posts always make me laugh.

Jennifer said...

I am very excited for you! 5 weeks is nothing!

And I just got a blog makeover too and I am loving it. I don't know what it is, but blog makeovers are the best!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

sara said...

Have you seen Winter's Bone??? Because that is where my love of JLaw first began. She's phenomenal and I love, love, love how much spotlight she has now :)

Shannon Dew said...

I definitely didn't watch a single second of the Oscars. I wish I would have seen the red carpet but the actual show? Snoozefest!

Jelli said...

I didn't watch the Oscars either, but since I was on Twitter while it was going on, I sure did pick up a lot of Oscar dress gossip. Hope you have a great week, Melissa!