Thursday, February 14, 2013

Well I change my mind.

Valentines is kinda awesome. I mean, I can eat make as many sweets as I want because calories don't count when you just eat the batter and not the batch right? Yeah, I thought so too.
I put that theory to the test with Isabelle as we copied a recipe from Ashley's Instagram and I was so pleased with it. #1. It was easy. #2. My toddler could do most of it and #3. There was ONE thing to clean.
Boom. Amazing recipe.  


 Don't judge my pan. It's not dirty. Plus I only use it for projects like this, not to cook with (Or if I cook with it, I don't let anyone see it before hand...ha!).
 The sprinkles are the best part.
They are much prettier when they are off that ugly pan. They taste so good and they are so cute and festive. I told you Cupid got me!   
 We also enjoyed a good little walk to the duck pond. Isabelle also has realized that you have to go after what you want. If you want to put your arm around your man, you put your arm around your man! Before I know it, she'll be burning her Dora undies. Lord.Help.Me. 
FYI. She is really into choosing her own outfits. She has tons of cute clothes. They are a waste. I should of just stocked up on $7 "princess" dresses like this one.
Just when I think I am the best parent ever and she loves me the most....Mr. T shows up with a giant blue sucker (blue is her favorite color and a sucker is heaven on earth to her).
He's such a chump.

Happy Day of Love, Lovies!


Ashley said...

Awwwww they turned out so cute! She is such a doll

Sara said...

What cuties! My 6yo daughter is a big Snow White fan as well :) New follower and commenter from

Jelli said...

Melissa, your Izzy is such a cutie. I love that she wears princess dresses everywhere. I can tell that she's a girl who knows what she wants. I saw this same fudge recipe this week, and it looked intriguing. Yours being heart shaped are even prettier than the recipe I found. I'm so glad to meet you today. Thank you for joining us at the Mommy-Brain Mixer this week!

Jennifer said...

I need to check out that recipe! My cookie sheets look like that too. I need to clean them, but who has time for that??

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

mail4rosey said...

The dress is hilariously cute!! It's funny when they like what they like and the rest might as well be non-existent. :)

Happy Valentine's Day! I am visiting today from the Happy Friday Blog Hop.

Mary Sauer said...

Too precious that she is running around in the princess dress. Your only young once ;-)
Just clicked over from Casey's link up. Now your newest follower!

Katherines Corner said...

this is such a sweet post, and I don;t just mean the cookies. thank you for adding your wonderful blog to the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo