Monday, October 31, 2011

Here we are again.

What a week we have had!! I will explain much of our week, but I will also let the pictures tell most of it (don't lie, you like to skim pictures and just read the captions. Everyone does).

On Tuesday night we made the drive to Ft. Worth, Texas to visit our soon to be born nephew. Thanks to a few Dora episodes on the IPhone and a sleepy child, we had no tantrums (unless your counting my tantrums) and a pretty easy trip. By the time we got to Ft. Worth, Isabelle was passed out and we layed her down in her pack and play for the night.
On Wednesday morning we went to the hospital to wait on the arrival of our newest nephew. Our sister in law was being induced so we knew it wouldn't be a short wait. We were correct.  We did a lot of this:

. Playing Flash Cards on the iPhone
And this:
Eating a bean and cheese burrito. When in Rome right?

After over 12 hrs of waiting we all forgot our boredom when Mr. Walker was introduced into this world weighing 8 lbs.
 Isabelle was 6lbs 9oz when she was born and seeing how TINY an 8 pounder was reminded me of how quickly things change and brought tears to my eyes. I mean I completely understand the miracles of conceiving and birthing a baby, but every time I see it, I am reminded of what an awesome God we serve!

I'm a tad bit tired in this pic, so please ignore my face...concentrate on that cute, tiny little person. Ahh soo cute.  My uterus lept with baby fever and then quickly curled back up in fear when I saw what pain the new Mama Jessi was still in.

This is about as close as she would get to her new cousin. When we held him, she would sign, "all done" to us holding Walker  and then put up her arms to be held.
After late nights in the hospital visiting, Miss Isabelle was EXHAUSTED. Like I've never seen. Passed out, with no pacifier....maybe that's how I'll wean her. Just make her exhausted past words to where she doesn't even comprehend then thought of a pacifier. Mother of the year award right here!
Yes, that's my arm holding her head up. Lady is not a cuddler until she is sleepy. Then all she wants is a little skin on skin. I attribute it to nursing. Either way, it's awesome.
Just when we thought about throwing in the white towel to exhaustion, Isabelle and I flew home so we wouldn't miss the Tulsa Run and my nieces first birthday! I got 5th overall female in the 15k run with a time of 1 hr and 36 sec. I really wanted to break an hour, but it just wasn't in the cards on Saturday. Thankfully, we had a fun Saturday ahead of us to keep my mind off the race.

My niece's birthday party was Alice in Wonderland themed and it was such a BEAUTIFUL party (more pics to follow on a different day). It was a dress up party so the kids dressed up as their favorite character. I am not one for missing an opportunity to dress up Isabelle so we went with the good ol' Minnie Mouse costume.

"Allie" in Wonderland

Tea Party for Minnie Mouse and Alice in Wonderland and the Rabbit. Such a bizarre some weird, trippy, drugged out dream. But oh so cute.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb also decided to make and appearance.
  After the rager:
Every party has a pooper...
 On Sunday, Minnie Mouse came out again for our Fall Festival at Church but once again Minnie didn't make it to lunch time. I'm telling you it's a BIG deal when she sleeps through anything ESPECIALLY a meal. Homegirl would be so mad if she knew she missed some Schlotzky's.
Mr. T is currently melting

Sleeping in the booth during lunch 

So all in all it was a great weekend. And tonight we are going Trick or Treating at our local Aquarium and tomorrow I will do the BIG reveal for Isabelle's REAL costume. I warned you I have a crazy love for dressing kids up in Halloween garb. Isabelle has 4 different "vintage" costumes she wore this year. (I use the word "vintage" because it's the churched up version of "hand me down") 


katie said...

Haha...I love your version of vintage. I love reading your posts. You always make me laugh.

basebell6 said...

congrats to them on the new baby!!!!!!!! love the halloween pics!! so funny she had 4 costumes!

Kim @ The Sasse Life said...

I love the Alice in Wonderland!
New follower from Followers Fest.

Erin said...

Isabelle is the cutest Minnie ever! And that nephew of yours is adorable. Can't wait to see her other costumes!

Happy Halloween!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

congrats on the new arrival :) & I just love all the pictures they are all so adorable :)have a great Halloween as well as a great week!

Lauren said...

I'm a new follower! Your family is just beautiful. Hope y'all have a safe and fun Halloween! :-)

Candace McClintick said...

how cute is that! love the minnie!