Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A future country singer

Eric Church is a favorite in our household. Mr. T and I love to see him in concert and he is constantly on my ipod. I do not really listen to his CD in the car with Isabelle because we generally just listen to the radio, so imagine my surprise when she fell in love with his song, "Springsteen" all by herself from hearing it on the radio (yes folks, we listen to country constantly..kids music gives me a giant headache).
Every time there is music playing, she is requesting the "whoa whoa song" as she lovingly calls it (listen to it and then you'll understand why she calls it that).
It is downloaded to my phone and since I have the CD in my car she thinks that I can magically play the song whenever...which gets old.
She is a tad bossy about making her requests.
It was and still is super cute to me that she sings along to the song, but after listening to the song about 5700majillion times, I am just about ready for her to pick a new song.

So Eric, if you're an avid reader of mine (like I imagine you are), let me introduce you to your tiniest/biggest fan! Also, we would love some meet and greets when you come to Tulsa. That is all.


Jen Grantham said...

She is jamming out and it is too cute! While my nephew is still too young to understand the lyrics (14 months old) I tend to listen to wildly inappropriate rap music...which HE loves and his daddy HATES!

Carrin said...

I hated listening to all that kid music when my kids were little too. When my son was about 2 the song "Its Hot in Here" by Nelly was really popular. Just imagine a 2 year lod going around singing "It's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes" ;)
So cute the way she was rockin' right along to the song!