Sunday, July 1, 2012

Running for a cause's hot. I'm a crazy runner and I am constantly fighting with my innerself on justifying laying in bed instead of getting out of bed and sweating my butt off in the heat. I hate chaffing. Sweating like a lineman in August in Alabama does not look great on me and isn't my ideal day.
 I'm so tall that my feet look tiny in this picture. They aren't that tiny. Promise.
A won a local 5k here on Saturday. The prize? Corn.
It's a tough sport and a lot of times I get close to breaking my arm from patting myself on the back for just being out there! I tell myself, I'm strong, I'm tough and I can do anything. I actually believe it until I read a story like Jared's and I am brought back down to reality and my battle won seems so small.

Jared has a rare blood cancer  (t-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma, to be exact) that has required countless treatments and fighting a tough fight. He is currently in remission, but that doesn't mean he still doesn't need support (and money for medical bills).
A sweet Okie blogger (thanks Jen!) brought his story to my attention and asked if I could log miles in his name and others can donate to his fund based on the miles. I have started running and thinking about the MILLIONS of people that are affected by Cancer and how I want to help!

I am so blessed to wake up everyday and lace up my running shoes and go for a run.
I am fortunate to exhaust myself on a run and not be exausted from treatments.
I am lucky to kiss my husband each morning in our own bed and not in a hospital bed.

So I will run for Jared, and I will pray for all those that are hurting.
Compared to the pain they are going through, mine is nothing.
They are the true hero's and deserve to be supported.


Jen Grantham said...

You won the corn festival 5k? What are you going to do now that you've won the epic corn 5k?!

Thank you so much for running for Jared. He's doing better but still has a long road ahead of him and seeing the number of miles logged goes a long way in lifting his spirits. You are a rock star in my book.

PS: I've blasted this on twitter, facebook and google+. :)

Cheryl (Jared's wife) said...

From the bottom of my heart- I thank you for running for. Jared :-)

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Congrats on the win! Can I ship ou here to me or me ship too you! I need someone to force me to wanna run! I love walking but running well completely different story! & awe that is so sweet to run for Jared!