Monday, July 16, 2012

Man, that's pretty.

This weekend, we ventured out to the largest craft fair in Oklahoma. It was glorious. There were rows and rows of different kinds of things that people had MADE with their own two hands. The artists who made these unique things were there to explain how they made them, why they made them and to show you how much heart they put into each of the items. I loved every second of it.
Side note: I do not love the sample section. Don't get me wrong, I love salsas and cheese and home made stuff, however, I do not love pretzel sticks that everyone else touches. It gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking of it now.
I bought an amazing bowl that a man from a tiny town in Oklahoma had made out of old trees. Trees  that had been cut down and left to rot, he had turned into something beautiful and that will sit pretty in my new kitchen and show all my visitors the beauty in the forgotten "trash". Again, I love it.
 I also bought Isabelle some old vintage pillow cases for her new room. She doesn't know it yet, but she will love them.
They are clean and crisp and free of any Dora's. They remind me of my grandma's house...except they smell like lavender instead of mothballs. Perfection.

Another side note: Do you feel guilty when you hear your husband chasing after your child, who is running around like a wild Indian and you act like you don't know them? Yeah, me neither.

I am in love with hand made stuff. I am in love with helping the "little guy" make ends meet. I love seeing people sell their hard made items with pride. It makes me happy.
I love to "keep it local".
I also love to "make it global".
I love to keep it anywhere, as long as it's made by working hands.
Earning fair wage.
I love to help people WORK to earn their living. I know that when I work hard at something is when I reap the most benefits. When a person takes pride in their work, they are not just earning a paycheck.
That is why I love working with Noonday. Women in impoverished countries are earning fair wage and making beautiful things with their own two hands.
Each piece has a story. Each package comes complete with that unique story.
We have just released a new home line that I am in love with. It's beautiful and unique. Every piece is hand made and different.
Now, before you think this is a shameless plug....just check out the website. You don't have to order from me. You don't even have to order anything at all. Just check it out. Read the Noonday story. Read the story of the artisans.
Be aware.
If you are in the Tulsa area, send me an email if you are interested in hosting a party and earning some free gear for it!


Erin said...

Love that bowl! I've been eyeing one similar to it around town as well :)

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I am loving looking through your pictures. You have a great blog and beautiful family.

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