Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So What! Wednesday

This week I am saying So What!:

That I have a habit of keeping tags on new items until I use them. I grew up with a sister, so it was a very strong rule that you never "borrowed" anything from one another if it still had the tags on it. I guess old habits die young.

That I bought Izzy a new stuffed animal "kitty cat" and realized it was made by TY (the beanie baby makers). I told the hobby lobby lady, as we were checking out, that I couldn't believe TY is still cool. It had been cool since the beanie baby days. She looked at me like I was speaking another language. Seriously? I'm that old that beanie babies are irrelevant?

That my two year old is already embarassed of me. The fastest way for her to get embarassed is for me to dance or sing along with her. She tells me "No Mommy, NO!" and points her little finger at me.
I can't wait until she's 16.

That Izzy asks me to color and I usually take over and color the entire page by myself. Coloring is way therapeutic. Who knew?

If Izzy had her first visit to a local favorite restaurant for fried chicken and loved it. Sure, we picked the fried part off because she refuses to eat anything breaded, but she loved it. They have tons of honey to put on their sweet bread, so she walked out sticking to everything.
We felt so country. 

That we move into our new house in less than a week and I can hardly wait! I have enjoyed living with my parents (hello free food!), but their air conditioner just went out upstairs and so we sleep downstairs now and they don't keep it as cool as we like it.....Or they're just doing all this so we don't get too comfortable. Tricky, tricky.

That no one in my family or friends (other than Mr. T) knows that I write a blog. Weird? Maybe. But I like to know that I can write whatever I want about any subject without someone getting upset. We have a big family. Someone always get's upset.


Cheryl Enlow said...

I found your blog thru the SWW link up :)

Congrats on moving so soon. I bet you are more than ready. But no more free food...booo..haha.

Jen Grantham said...

Isn't that the pits about a big family?! One of my aunts called me about a FB status I had up the other day. I wanted to tell her to shove it but I thought better of it. Oh, and I love playing "figure out where Izzy is" with your pictures. It wasn't until I saw the chicken menu or place mat that I knew just what chicken place it was. I promise I'm not a stalker. I swear. LOL

Erin said...

On my hubs and BFF know about my blog as for IRL friends/family. And I much Prefer it that way :) love the photo from the diner! Happy Wednesday!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Yay for the moving! Exciting. : )

Brandy said...

Ha! When we sit down to color, my little girl pretty much makes me color the whole page. She can't stand that she can't stay within the lines. But she insists on picking the colors so I usually have to color an entire page purple.