Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Love

Last night, Isabelle and I joined my mom for her "bunko night" with her neighborhood friends. Instead of playing bunko (even though they haven't played bunko in years, they just sit around and gossip chit chat) they decided to have all of their grand kids over to swim and eat dinner, which was a lot of fun for us!
Isabelle was the "cool girl" of the party because she brought Thomas the Train and Percy the train (she can't say her R's so when she says Percy it sounds a tad inappropriate, especially when she yells, "MY PERCY!! minus the r sound.).
Anywhoo, she met a new boyfriend and they instantly clicked. Isabelle is a total girly girl. She loves, loves, loves jewelry and dolls and anything pink but when it comes to picking friends, she always plays with little boys. She loves to play ball and she loves to be chased and climb rocks and yell and scream so little boys are generally happy to play along with those games as well. This little boy was no different.
They had a blast with each other, and even took a break to enjoy some sweet watermelon together in the sunset.
He may or may not have fed her watermelon so she would stop stealing Cheetos off his plate.

The date was beautiful. Apple juice followed by a nice, evening nature walk. Everything was smooth until, in true boy form, he decided to run behind her and push her down.
She was not injured, but her feelings were crushed. Her giant crocodile tears cleaned the dirt off her face, as I tried to explain to her that sometimes little boys just play rough...especially with little girls.
I know she didn't understand what I was saying or maybe she did. Either way, I saw a little piece of the future in that entire situation. I have a feeling that was the first of many talks that we will have about boys and her feelings.
So I guess now all I can do is buckle up.
And hide Mr. T's gun.
I kid, I kid. Sorta. 


Katie @ minivan diva said...

Love this! She should know that boys are mean to girls when they really have a crush on them, right.?! I love the watermelon bit. Too funny and way too cute.

Erin said...

Aww. Don't you just love seeing them interact with each other! Jackson has a little girlfriend at daycare. They're just one day apart in age and have been at daycare together this entire time. It's adorable how they run to each other in the mornings and are always off playing together. But I have noticed sometimes J is a little rough with her. I think the little boys really just don't get it quite yet :)

Adorable post!

Jen Grantham said...

I adore this post. Little kid crushes are so cute! She's going to be a little heart breaker before too long.

Jen Grantham said...
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Ashleigh Nichole said...

Awe that picture of those two is just too precious! It's so sweet to see little ones interact like this! I love how little ones are so pure... Hopefully sooner rather then later the little boys get nicer & not so rough