Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm late....

On embracing the camera! (Did I fool you?)

I am embracing the camera with my favorite little anti-model. She is starting to know that I love taking pictures of her, so she either: A)makes a ridiculously fake smile. B) looks directly at the camera without any show of emotion whatsoever or C) hides her face.
During this picture she chose C (usually she does A,B,and C) but I was happy to embrace her hiding because she happened to hug while hiding. I'll take what I can get.
Have a Fun Friday and enjoy your weekend. Please go do Christmasy stuff and get in the spirit people!


Meg Smith said...

My little one has started embracing the camera, but she makes these weird poses and faces that are just not always the cutest...! It's funny to see, though! Isabelle is adorable!

And you've been given a Liebster Award Nomination - check out my blog!

Kar @allmylove.mommy said...

It looks just like she's huggin' her mama!! And you have gorgeous hair :)

I'm your newest follower too!!