Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday
This week I am saying So what!:
That I always become the Christmas Nazi this time of year. After Thanksgiving means that Christmas music is ALWAYS playing and Christmas decorations are out.
That when we were buying a  house, I was thinking about how I could decorate it specifically for Christmas. Now I get to see that dream, a reality. (Did I mention I'm crazy about Christmas yet?)
I have had to take Isabelle to our church preschool a few times (during the week) so that I could run some errands alone and I felt incredibly guilty the entire time. I never thought I would be "that" mom....but now I am. How in the world am I going to drop her off at preschool next year?
That "The Voice" bores me. I liked it when they were still spinning their chairs, but now I think it's boring. I don't really care about any of the singers and they're all awesome, so I don't care who wins. Bring AI back please.
That AS AN ENTIRE FAMILY (of adults) we watched Magic Mike after Thanksgiving dinner. It was easily, the worst movie I've ever seen. Not hot, at all. I repeat, AT ALL. Channing Tatum is now LESS attractive to me for signing up for that movie.
You know what IS a great movie? Elf. I have seen it about 100 times and can recite every word (but I don't...I hate those people), because it's now a Christmas classic.
So, am I crazy? Or is it just me? What are you saying So What! to?

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Stephanie said...

Usually you and I are on the same page on most topics; Magic Mike isn't one of them! It wasn't the best movie but DARN, I love a tone man who can shake his moneymaker!