Monday, November 12, 2012

Roll Tide Roll??

This weekend we left Isabelle at home with her Gram and we took a road trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to watch Texas A&M play the University of Alabama. Mr. T, his sister and brother in law all went to Texas A&M and my other brother in law went to Alabama so we thought it would be a perfect time to get on our game day gear and watch some good football. I did the good wife thing and wore A&M gear (sorta...I'm not really into team gear, but I did wear aggie colors). We had a blast and only got in a few quarrels with other fans (it's funny because I'm not kidding).

The weather was perfect and the state of Alabama is beautiful with their huge trees and the fall colors. Oklahoma didn't get much of a fall this year because it's been so dry, so our fall colors lasted about 2 days.
The favorite thing about the weekend was getting time with only adults and having adult conversations while knowing that Isabelle is having more fun with her Gram then she would be having with us. Pretty priceless to me.

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Helene said...

so fun! I can't believe y'all lost! crazy!