Monday, November 5, 2012

Let's not talk about the election.

That's all anyone seems to be talkin' about nowadays and honestly, I'm tired of it. Of course it's important, but I know something that is also very important and let's be honest, you aren't going to be swayed to vote a certain way from reading my blog...and if you are, then I'm scared for our country. So, let's get all updated on one of my favorite times of the year.
This year marked the first year that I wasn't allowed to choose Isabelle's Halloween costume. She got to choose and she DID NOT choose what I would have chosen. 
 I knew the time would come, I just didn't want it so come quickly. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing adorable kids in costume. It's almost too much for me to handle and I have gotten my fair share of adorable costumes with Isabelle for the past two Halloweens. Last year she had 4 costumes (most were hand-me-downs) and this year I opted for just ONE. I found an adorable little monkey costume at Target that seemed like the perfect choice because it would keep her warm, I call her my little monkey, and she LOVES pretending like she is a monkey. She agreed to it and so we bought it for her.

Then the girl gene kicked in.

About a month before Halloween she suddenly started saying that she wanted to be a princess. I thought it might be a fluke because I didn't even know where she was coming up with the idea. I thought the idea would pass.

It did not.

She was DYING to be a princess and that's all she said she wanted to dress up as. She wouldn't even get NEAR the adorable monkey costume, so I folded. I found a cute Snow White dress and we went for it. She rocked it and wanted to wear it all the time.  
I managed to get her to wear the monkey outfit ONCE by making it a "princess monkey", but that was the end of the ol' monkey outfit.
I asked her if she wanted to be the monkey princess again and she simply stated, "Ummm how about just a Princess".
I knew my dream was over.
I may have "encouraged" her with some candy corn.

When we put her in the red, glitter shoes, she loved it even more. She looked adorable, but it was a little tough for me to see that my little baby is now a little girl with a strong will and opinions on what she wants to wear. I know that she will want to dress like a princess for the next 20 years, so it was sad for me. Tears, I tell ya.  
We had a great time trick or treating with my nephews and niece and we enjoyed our VERY kid friendly neighborhood this year (our old neighborhood was for singles without kids...bummer on Halloween and Christmas).
A perk to having a toddler that trick or treats?
They don't eat all the candy and it's rude to waste candy right?
My gut disapproves, but my heart is oh so happy.

Now, enough with the cute talk...get out there and Vote people!


Jen Grantham said...

I have voted and I also vote for the monkey princess costume here!! Good call. She does make an adorable princess though, but she does look like a little girl instead of a baby. When did that happen??

Stephanie said...

Monkey princess?! I love it! :) She would totally win most creative in any Halloween contest!