Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are we raising a lineman?

Lately, Miss Isabelle has been eating us out of house and home! She knows the baby sign for "eat"  so when she is ready to eat she grabs my face to make sure that I am making eye contact with her and then she starts signing "eat". She also knows the sign for "more" (it looks more like a clap than the actual sign for more), and she is wearing us out with that while she's eating! She is not exactly the most patient little lady. Mr. T and I both enjoy eating, but I don't think I ate a ton when I was little (even though I had some CHEEEEKS). Mr. T was really picky, but I think I pretty much ate anything and I'm pretty sure Isabelle  got that from me. Her favorite thing to eat is beans (HUGE mess), chicken and eggs, but not all together. She doesn't really like apples, strawberry's or bread which is crazy to me! She is a meat and potatoes kind of girl I guess! (Maybe someone cued her in on the Atkins craze? Maybe an endorsement deal is around the corner? I'll keep you posted) Is this normal for a 10 month old to suddenly start eating like a grown man?
There's no use wearing clothes on Spaghetti night. (Mr. T and I DO wear clothes on spaghetti night)

A bean go-tee is so lovely.
Either she's taking up body building, she's a half human/half vampire (hello twilight fans!)or she's going through a growth spurt. I guess it could also be because she has found a new hobby doing this:
She could drive this thing up and down the driveway for hours!

Either way, send your leftovers on over!

Also, did you watch the Bachelorette? Ashley is making me so mad with this Bentley thing that I am about to quit watching (Ashley if you're reading this, I will never stop watching. I love the drama. But time to move on. P.S. Smile more. You're traveling the world for free).


Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

too cute and he bed spread you asked about is from Target!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

She is SO cute! I am mean - my son is 13 months and I haven't been brave enough to let him try spaghetti...might do so soon though! :) Love the chair you made, too...super cute! :)

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

My daughter was the same way! She was a little later in the game, though. I thought she would eat like a little bird because we tried introducing food to her over and over again from six months old on but she stayed pretty much exclusively breastfed until nine or ten months. And until she was fifteen months old or so, she was still predominantly subsisting off my boobs. It was exhausting. I thought it would never end and based on the amount of food she did eat, I thought she'd end up being a picky eater or an unenthusiastic eater at best.

But then it was like one day SHE DISCOVERED FOOD, MOMMA, WHY HAVE YOU BEEN HOLDING OUT ON ME?, NOM NOM NOM, oh my goodness, it was like nothing I've ever seen before. Sometimes she ate more than I did!

Over time her enthusiasm has dulled and now I'd say she's a middle-of-the-road eater, but I just wanted to let you know that I totally get what you mean. Sometimes I thought I was raising the next Goliath.

Sonja said...

in response to your comment on my blog: you don't have an email address attached to your blog :(

Thank you! :)

Is your daughter a fan of "Pete" on MMCH? K screams in terror whenever he comes on! LOL

Also, I just started Kara's book but so far its pretty interesting! I never ran while I was pregnant. I think I used it as an excuse to "rest" haha!
K LOVES wearing her sunglasses! (I think? lol) She never tries to take them off or play with them. She knows style when she has them on ;)

Thanks for stopping by!! xo