Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Blog!

I am new to the blogging world. For a while, I have been reading different blogs out there and I am finally deciding to make my own! I wouldn't say my life is marked by beautiful sunsets, walks on the beach, a baby that never cries and always smiles for pictures,  but it is REAL and to me...it's pretty perfect.

We feel so blessed for me to be able to stay at home for a while with our daughter. I am quickly learning about what being a stay at home mom really means (and that they call themselves SAHM's??). I have worked my entire life, so the idea of staying at home and "hanging out with my daughter in our jammies" sounded like a vacation more than a job! Reality set in, and I quickly learned this is the hardest/most challenging job I have ever done. I have already learned how to soak up a quiet shower daily  when I can, get dressed with only one arm and unload 8 bags of groceries while carrying a baby (that part wasn't in the job description).

I don't have a degree in creative writing nor did I ever enjoy writing papers and correcting grammar. I want to write this more as a journal. A journal that one day my children can read and be embarrased reminded of their childhood and some of the adventures of life! And that is what this blog is really about, my REAL life.My life with my husband, daughter and our two fur babies. Here goes nothing....
                                   (My little lady lookin' so chic)

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