Thursday, June 16, 2011

Clickity, Clack...Time to craft.

Well, I guess Mr. T caught the crafting bug as well. Last night he showed me a little project he had been working on for our pups. A few weeks ago we were at our local flea market (his nightmare) when I came across some cute cots for dogs. Our dogs are both big boys and they both love to play outside all day and then come inside during the evenings. (Our other dog Luke is a lab. Lab=TONS of hair. Spike is a goldendoodle. Goldendoodle=tiny bit of hair. +1 Spike, -100 Luke). They sleep on these huge pillows that we call their "beds". They love them, but the pillows make a high school locker room full of sweaty pre-pubescent football players burning hair, smell good. It's awful. So when I saw these cute cots that are comfortable, therapeutic, and "eco friendly" for dogs, I knew we just HAD to have one. (I'm pretty sure people use the word eco friendly just to sell things. Since when did dog beds become such a pollutant to the environment?) We were about to buy one when gasp they were $150 bucks! Okay, I LOOOOVE my dogs and I LOOOVE a clean smelling house. But, I am entirely too "frugal" to pay that for my dogs when they are perfectly happy in their smelly, un-therapeutic, pollutant of a bed. Mr. T. was also surprised because he saw how the beds were made and knew he could make one for a fraction of the cost. So he got his craft on and made this in about 2 hrs.

Luke lovin his new bed.
Spike loves it too.
Now, I am generally not a fan of zebra print (really random that Mr. T picked that kind of fabric out, all by himself) but the dogs really like it. Now when I tell them to get on their beds, I tell them to get on their "sexy beds". They understand. I think they look so cute on them. It looks like they finally have a little bachelor pad bed.

I am also starting my crafting project. The same day we were at the flea market, I also found a cute little chair perfect for Isabelle to sit in when we're outside. The paint was a little chipped off, but the chair was in perfect condition. I decided to brighten it up and spray paint it bright yellow (hide yo kids, hide yo wife, I'm a mess with spray paint. Just ask the grass and the side of the shed..sorry Mr. T). and then mod podge the seat from an idea I got here. I forgot to take a picture of the chair before I spray painted it, but there's a picture of it with Isabelle sitting in it from my previous post. Here is a picture I took after a few coats of spray paint.
I will post an after tomorrow so check back in. I know you're on pins and needles (I don't know what that even means).

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