Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sorry for lying

I generally don't like to lie, but I said I would post a picture of my finished crafting project and I didn't! So here it is...a little late. I mod podged this fabric I found at Hobby Lobby on the seat and then braided and glued the remaining fabric to the back of the chair. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out! 

Well, it's official. We have a 10 month old and our lives have DRASTICALLY changed in that short amount of time. Our Friday nights used to consist of picking a fun restaurant to go try (bar and grill food is my favorite) where we would sit down over a few drinks and talk about our days and what our weekend plans were going to be. Our favorite thing to do after dinner was to get a large Whataburger chocolate milkshake and take a walk down the river. Have you had one of their milkshakes? If you haven't, go get one! They must put a little bit of crack in them because they are the most delicious and addicting things ever. Not that I have ever done crack, but I hear it's addicting (cue Whitney Houston: "Crack is whack"). After doing that atleast once a week for about a year, Mr. T. got the bright idea to check the calories on those suckers.....1400 calories. WHAT?! We cut down a little on them, but sometimes I just pretend he read the nutritional facts wrong and it's actually really healthy for you and virtually fat free.

Our lives circa Isabelle are completely different. This Friday we went to Chic-fil-a so Isabelle could play in the play set with the other 150 kids with too much energy (why do the tunnels in the playsets always smell like a fart?) and then we were home and in bed by 10:00.  I know, we're so wild. 

 I'm pretty sure I photo bombed my own picture.
Thank goodness we did go to sleep early on Friday because Saturday we had a full day! I started the day early to get my run in. I wanted to run 8 miles...I ran 2. I was so motivated for my run on Friday night, but then when I woke up my motivation was GONE. It was one of those runs that dragged on. At one point I thought I had run about 5 miles, but then my trusty Run Keeper lady came over my headset (Do you have the runkeeper app? It's amazing. It keeps your pace, your distance and best of's FREE) and told me I had only run 2 miles. I quit on the spot. Spike was mad at me and I'm pretty sure if he had opposable thumbs, he would have flipped me the bird. 
After a really quick shower we drove to Oklahoma City to shop for cars (gag me with a spoon..yup, I'm bringing that saying back) and then came home with just enough time to shower before we had to leave to go to a friends wedding. After running in the heat, then shopping for cars outside all day, I was tired of being hot. I felt like I couldn't sweat anymore. I was dead wrong. The wedding was outside. In June. In Oklahoma. The reception was outside. In June. In Oklahoma. I sweat the entire time. The wedding was beautiful with great food and a lot of delicious summer drinks. I had a few, but as my 91 year old grandmother likes to describe her wine drinking habit, "I like to get happy. Never dizzy." The drinks led to lots of dancing, which was such a blast!

Sweaty family photo. I'm pretty sure Isabelle is going to ask for a disco ball for her birthday.
Isabelle LOVED dancing with everyone, and was infatuated with the disco ball on the ceiling. We finally pulled that tiny party animal off the dance floor at 10:30!  

For fathers day we went to my brothers house to eat some BBQ and swim in their pool. My niece is 2 1/2 months younger than Isabelle so they love to play together (by play together, I mean poke each other in the face).
Swimming with her cousins (pic taken a few minutes before her exhaustion hit her and she had a major meltdown to finish the weekend).

Mr. T said he had a good fathers day and I know I enjoyed the weekend. I hope you had a happy Fathers Day! To the many of you that might struggle with this day, I hope that you know that you have an eternal father that is madly in love with you and will never leave your side (even if you accidentally lie and say you'll post a finished crafting project picture the next day and forget to do it until 3 days later).
 Have a great day! 


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that chair is so cute! you did a great job with it!