Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Post Friday!

Thank goodness for Fun Friday! It's been a busy/short week with a lot of time spent shopping for cars and we finally found and bought one! Yippee! So glad that headache is OVA! Say hello to my new little friend:
I kid, I kid. This is not my car. I'm not going to lie (again) though. I was so sick of shopping for cars that I was just about ready to drive this little bad boy around town and call it good.

Tonight we are running in a 5k here, so I am drinking LOTS of water and reading lots of articles on Kara Goucher. Maybe some of her crazy speediness will rub off on me through words. Here's to hoping!
"Yes, I just ran the fastest marathon on my life a few months after growing,  carrying and birthing a human being. No biggie."

Today I am linking up with Emily at the anderson crew for embrace the camera. This picture is of me and Isabelle after church (we didn't get paged out of this service...Hallelujah!).
Sorry for the terrible quality. It's an iphone pic.
Happy Fun Friday!


meghan said...

I just bought the Kara Goucher book and can't wait to read it. Have you read it? Any other recommendations on good running books to read?

Laura said...

Sweet new car!