Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ready to run!

Well, we did it! We finished another summer workout! Mr. T and I are training for a few local 5k's this summer and then the Tulsa Run, which is a 15k, in October. We have been consistant with our workouts on Tuesday and then I do a longer run alone on Thursday. Our workout for this week was 1 mile hard and then 8x400's (quarter miles) with a 90 second recovery.
Don't be fooled by the smile. 30 seconds before this picture was taken, my face looked like I was passing a kidney stone.
 I pushed Isabelle in her jogging stroller and my goal was just to stay with Mr. T. Before you get all "why is she pushing the baby and not him?" let me say that Mr. T JUST started running and I came from a family of runners. I ran track and cross country in college, so I have a few more miles under my belt then he does. Believe me, I had to talk him into letting me push. It actually works really well because he doesn't want to get beat by a lady pushing a baby and I don't want to get beat by a silly boy that doesn't have a lot of running experience. Getting all girl power-ey up in this mug.
Mr. T's picture is a little more accurate of how we were really feeling, but I'm not going to put up MY pic that looks like I'm dying. This is MY blog so I have all the power! HA! He is not puking, but you can bet if he was, I would have gotten a close up pic. That's true love.  
Our Coach.

Chillin like a villain and hiding from the papa-papa-paparazzi
  I love that I can share one of my hobbies with Isabelle. And so until she's old enough for us to watch The Real Housewives together (or until ALL the ladies go broke and the show is cancelled) we will continue our runs (and I will continue watching the show. Alone. Before Mr T gets home and makes fun of me). What are your summer hobbies and how do you stay motivated?  

P.S. What did you think of "The Voice"? I LOOOOVE Blake Shelton's song, "Honey Bee". It's my new summer anthem. Holla!! You be my honeysuckle, I'll be your honey bee!!


Ashley Paige said...

Hi! Thanks so much for reading I Love You More Than Carrots! You totes have a new "follower" here! Isabella is just PRECIOUS! And way to go, you guys, getting back into the running groove! It's so tough as a new mommy! My motivation, I think, got up and went.. Ha! Our favorite time of day, however, are definitely our "family" walks once The Husband gets home from work! Even the Sheepdog looks forward to them! Most definitely one of my favorite summer "hobbies!" :)

Amber said...

What a precious family you have! Isabella is absolutely adorable!

meghan said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I love the motivation of having people talk about running and reading about others! That's awesome that you're doing some 5ks this summer. And you look amazing for having a baby that teeny! Good for you!! Keep it up!

Laura said...

I just found your blog & the fact that you also say "holla!!" makes me think we are blog soulmates. haha! I am loving The Voice...maybe or maybe not because of Adam and Blake!

Cait said...

love this girl :) umm ADORE the voice <3 glad i'm not the only one ha

danielle @ take heart said...

i love that song! and seriously, y'all are precious.