Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back to a newborn

Lately, Isabelle's sleeping habits have been awful! Our lives have been so crazy lately, that I can't really blame her. She was at my mom's house for almost a week while we were in Boston, then we went to Nashville for 10 days where her sleep was completely off schedule. Now that we are back into our routine, she has returned to normal with everything EXCEPT sleeping. She's waking up, sometimes, every two hours which makes me feel exactly like I did when she was a newborn.
Mr. T. and I have little arguments in the middle of the night about who is the most tired, I drink my weekly caffeine intake in about an hour, yet Isabelle just keeps on trucking.
You would never know how little she actually sleeps if you met her.
Just this week she has figured out how to CLIMB OUT OF HER CRIB! 21 months old and she could be confused for a tiny, hairless, monkey. What is that about? We will hear her start to fuss and then hear a huge thud on the wood floors as she jumps down from her crib. Is this normal behavior? Why would you leave a perfectly comfortable bed for hard wood floors? Maybe, because that guarantees you a spot in between mom and dad in bed....who knows?
We don't want to promote her sleeping in our bed (I'm all for co-sleeping, but it's not for me..I need my beauty sleep. If you saw me in the mornings, you would agree with me) but we also don't want her to scream and cry or hurt herself while she's high jumping out of her bed!

So now we are in the debate on whether or not we get her a toddler bed NOW, or wait until we move into a new house and just start fresh.

Any suggestions are so welcome.
OR if you would like to switch children from 8pm-8am, that also would be welcomed.


Carrin said...

I think my daughter was right around this age when she started climbing out of her crib too. We went straight for the twin bed because we knew she would get to one eventually & didn't want to spend the money on 2 separate beds.
Around this same time she started coming to our bed in the middle of the night. Just like you I didn't want her in the bed with us mostly because I would wake up with bruises from her wild sleeping. We put a pillow & blanket on the floor next to our bed & told her if she needed to come in our room in the middle of the night she could but she had to sleep on her "sleep spot". After a few weeks she quit & stayed in her bed all night.

Erin said...

Well, the bad news is that I don't want to swap kids from 8-8' the good news is she is so freakin adorable in those sunglasses! That's what keeps us going right? That even though we are in need of a caffeine IV, their love makes it worth it. We've yet to hit the jumping out of bed phase, but perhaps it's time for a big girl bed. When were y'all planning to move? If its in the next couple months I can understand wanting to hold off. If its just in the near future I'd probably switch beds. You don't have to go all out and change it all over to her big girl room, but maybe just the bed :) hope that sweet thang lets y'all get some sleep!

Amber said...

We also had to convert Morgans over to a big girl bed and she still sneaks out as well. This age seems just tough for sleeping and escaping. Hope it gets better and she stays put in her bed.

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

haha your anthropologie comment about having to take a second mortgage was hilarious and so true. found you via the wiegands xo