Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrilling Thursdays

A.I. fans, how pumped are you that Phillip Phillips won? Me? I was so happy to see him win! The others had amazing talent, but he is someone that I will actually pay to hear his music. Plus, he seems really humble and did it all in extreme pain with that whole needing a new kidney thing. I've never needed a new kidney, but I imagine it would be uncomfortable to get.

Also, I am back on the running train! My running partner is encouraging, but she hates when we run by our house without stopping so I have to trick her.
So my runs are not only hard, but I have to play mind games as well. A workout for the entire body!

 Spike got a new haircut and gets bossed around by a 22 month old. Poor fella
She may or may not have a tad bit of bed head.

We are moving out of our house in 2 weeks, so we are soaking up our running route. It's a hilly, nice course that I will be sad to see go. I literally run 2 mile loops over and over like a gerbil, but I love it. Yes, I'm a weirdo and a crazy creature of habit. Sue me.

Also, you heard me correctly...we are moving out of our house in two weeks without a new home to move to so it looks like we are moving in with my parents until we find a new house. Have you ever lived with your parents as an adult? I love my parents and we have a great relationship, but if I am around them for too long, I turn into an annoyed teenager. "Moooommmm you're sooo annoyinnnng!".
I annoy myself already.
I guess that's what family is for.


Erin said...

Moving in two weeks?! Good luck! And yes, we lived with my mom for 5 months when we first moved back to SC and were still house hunting. It was not as bad as I expected but we'll just say 5 months was plenty of bonding time ;) almost too much!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Wow, good luck on the move! We had to move in with my parents once and with my in-laws once when we while we were waiting for escrow to close on our new houses. It will go quickly. : )

Emily said...

Your photos are too cute! :) This stage of "toddlerhood" is too funny sometimes... No telling what they will do next! Best of luck with your move!

Natalie said...

What kind of dog is she? Labradoodle?

Jen | Our Happy Family said...

We are currently living with my in laws while we're waiting to move out of state for hubby's job (though fortunately they have a guest suite so we have lots of privacy), it can be done! I try to focus on the positive, all the great memories for the grandparents with the little ones! Good luck with your move!

lesley said...

Good luck with your move/finding a new place! And I wish I had your running motivation! Your little girl is adorable!

Jamie said...

Your little one is too cute yanking that big dog around :)