Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Isabelle and I spent 10 days in Nashville with my nephew. My sister and brother in law had to go out of town for a bit, so we stepped in to take care of my six year old nephew.

Before they moved to Tennessee, they lived in Kansas when I was going to school there so I basically lived with them for a few years. I consider my nephew like a son to me. He is one of the most sweet hearted, hilarious little kids I have ever been around. Ahh, makes my heart happy just thinking of it.

He is sweet, but he is six. That means he comes with TONS of energy and he also has TONS of activities. I went from being a toddlers momma, to a full on minivan momma. Life was hectic, but fun.

Isabelle was in heaven. She LOVES her cousin and he makes her belly laugh with everything he says. She demands that he hold her hand when they walk and she would cry when we would drop him off at school. She lovingly calls him, "Bubba" which is pretty much the sweetest little nickname for him.
They are quite the pair.
 On our way to go watch Bubba run his kids marathon. (He ran 25 miles months before the race, and then ALL the kindergartners run the last half mile as a race together).
 The Cheerleader is having a tad bit of trouble figuring out how to use the megaphone.
 ALL of the Kindergartners. Bubba is the first little guy in yellow.
 2nd place overall!
 Celebrating with some ice cream....somebody means business and is not into taking pictures.
Sister was in love with her sundae! (I don't know where she gets it?)
Picnic in the park.
 Soccer Practice
 Her first sucker. She was getting tired, and cranky and then she found a sucker in my purse. I never have suckers in my purse....God threw me a bone on that one.
Sugar rush kicked in!

Shopping spree's call for a little icecream after.

Tennis Practice
 Tennis practice calls for a little icecream after as well.

Family movie night.
We had a great time...we probably will pay for Izzy's dentists' mortgage after this weekend, but we had fun.

The weekend was quite eye opening to me, because I realized that having two kids isn't as overwhelming as I thought it would be. We got into a schedule and it worked. Since neither of them have a sibling, they both liked having one another around for company which kept both of them constantly entertained.

Maybe we can do this two kid thing.

Speaking of that, we are having our first home study tonight for our adoption/foster care. Please keep us in your prayers. We are so excited for this process to be moving along quickly!


Jen said...

How exciting that things are moving along so quickly for you all. I'll definitely keep you in my thoughts tonight. PS: From one auntie to another, I get to have an Auntie/Nephew date night with my 1 year old nephew tonight and cannot wait!

Erin said...

S glad y'all had a nice time. I know you'll rock being a mom of multiple kids. And one of these days we just may have to meet up in Nashville. I love that you have family there as well! Praying for Your home study tonight! Just be yourself and there's no way they can't love you, your family and your home!

Laura said...

Well, shoot! You were so close to me for a long time!

1. I can't handle her sweet little toddler running shorts...adorable!
2. You appear to have this mom of 2 thing down pat! I'm getting kind of nervous about it!
3. We go to Sweet Cece's an embarrassing amount. It's my favorite!