Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My own little night terror.

Well, thanks to many of your suggestions, we decided to turn Isabelle's crib into a toddler bed. I don't think she's ready for a toddler bed because we still go in her room nightly every so often to comfort her back to sleep but I can't keep her in her crib if she is jumping out of it! Safety first!
First time seeing her "new bed". She thought it was awesome because she thought it was a trampoline.
The nights have been just as bad, if not worse because of the toddler bed. She get's out of bed and screams and yells and then tries to get out of her room. When we go in there to comfort her, she wants nothing to do with us unless we are laying in her bed WITH her.
Now, this would be all good and well if I weren't 5'10" and Mr. T weren't 6'1"(or so he says). Neither of us fit in that miniature bed and if we try to move, we immediately wake her up and then we are back at square one.

It's awful.

Well the past two nights we have decided to just let her cry it out in her room and let her work it out herself. Last night it took a while, but she finally passed out in her bed. When we woke up the next morning is when we saw her room....she had taken out her shoes and socks and put them all over her room, like she was going to run away! Sister is stubborn!

Last night was better.
But this morning was hilarious.
Apparently, in her fit of rage, she got completely naked, unplugged her sound machine, took her dad's dress shirt (his clothes are in her closet...another plus of moving to the suburbs, is that we will each have our own closets!) out of the closet and carried it to her recliner and went to sleep with it.

Butt naked, covered in her dad's shirt, asleep on the rocker like a little old man.

Who's child is this? She has perfectly good, soft blankets to cover up with, but she wanted NOTHING to do with her comfortable bed and she decided to protest our decision of the toddler bed by rebelling. Who knew we were raising a hippy?

So tonight we will try again. Even if we lose sleep, atleast we know we will have a good laugh in the morning. Or be so delirious that we think everything is funny.


Crystal Seed said...

I never even thought to put the bumper up like that! That's such a great idea!!!!! I hope she gets better with the toddler bed. I was shocked that Chloe took to hers so well! Don't worry! She will come around!

Erin said...

OMG!! What s wild one you've got! Yesterday as Jack protested bedtime I heard a huge thud and went running int his room. Luckily it was just a slew of toys all at once, but I thought for sure he'd made his escape. I hope things settle down as the nights go by aka tonight will be the night! Ha! I'm terrified to think how J will do when we switch to the toddler bed, I have a feeling that our nights will be eerily like yours :)

Laura said...

Oh man, I am so happy G has yet to figure out he can escape the crib. I dread toddler bed days! I like him contained:)

She will get used to it soon; that's hilarious that she slept on the glider!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

That is hilarious! Good luck!

basebell6 said...

no picture of her naked on the rocker with dad's shirt covering her?!! sooo cute!