Monday, May 21, 2012

We're still young and cool

I have to let you guys in on a neat little secret....we sold our house! In 10 days! We will be homeless in less than a month (thank God for parents in the same town, but living with your parents when you're 27 isn't that cool...or great for romance with your husband. TMI? Whatevs...) We are selling our house because it's we have completely outgrown it and we know that we will have another child soon.

Our current house is in an urban area with lots of cute vintage shops surrounding it, coffee shops, flea markets and college students. It makes me feel like I still am cool and can hang with the hipsters. We fell in love with this area before we got married because of the different kinds of people that surround it, and the old homes with all their character. But then, the "urban area" got less cool when our drunk neighbor tried to break into our house and things got a little more real.
We decided this might not be the area to raise children that sing while doing dishes (sorry, I watched The Sound of Music on Sunday...again, another reason why I am such a cool hipster).

But now...we are moving to the suburbs.

We are looking at homes that back into ponds so that we can take our kids fishing whenever we want (I use the word "we" pretty loosely. I really mean, Mr. T.) and neighborhoods that have a pool and park around each corner. Everyone drives mini-vans and suburbans, which just won't work for me...I'm a terrible driver and need a smaller car with lots of speed. But we will make it work. I will learn to drive a big car. Or else, Mr. T will just drive us everywhere.

So this weekend, we embraced the last of us living in this area and we visited our local farmers market and then headed down to an arts festival. It was amazing and Izzy thought she was in heaven with all the music, people and sidewalk chalk that surrounded her.

Of course, we are not moving towns and with a short drive, we can be downtown with my hipsters.

Just don't tell them I live in the "burbs".

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