Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TV recap

I have a guilty pleasure...I LOVE erasing shows off the DVR list as soon as I watch them because it gives me some weird sense of accomplishment. It might be a serious case of OCD or it could be just because I'm lame, but it feels like I get to check something off a to-do list or that feeling I used to get when I would finish my homework. Super lame.
Since we were out of town all weekend, we missed TWO Big Brothers (Christmas come early!). Big Brother is a show that Mr. T and I both equally enjoy unlike The Bachelorette and Shark Tank. Guess who likes The Bachelorette more...I will save Mr. T's man card and say "I do". You know the real truth though don't you honey). Do you watch Big Brother? It's only on during the summer months when NO other shows are on. Last summer, when I was pregnant, I loved the show and couldn't wait for it to be on (it's on three days a week). I lived for that hour where I could escape being a whale and just enjoy dumb entertainment. I loved it so much, that I honestly was sad to miss the shows when I went into labor. I know, I told you I was lame.
The Bachelorette has been really disappointing lately. Since Bentley the d-bag left, it has been smooth sailing without any drama. Hey ABC, I don't watch this show to see two people "find a connection and fall in love" I watch it for the drama! Spice things up would ya?! Mr. T and I have resorted to doing a look a like competition for the contestants.

The Glee guy (sorry, not a fan of Glee so I don't know his name) and Ryan (the creepy, happy guy). Because Ryan is so annoying and looks just like Glee man, I honestly find the Glee guy annoying even though I don't know anything about him.


Ames, The Smarty pants, and Austin Nichols from One Tree Hill. Mr T. thinks Ames looks like The Beast from Beauty and The Beast, when he turns into a man.
Personally, I thought The Beast was cuter as a Beast.

And my personal favorite:

Bentley the D-bag and Sean, my brother in law...He's not a d-bag. So what are you watching this summer? Oh wait, you're outside playing? Well don't judge me for being a couch potato. Now excuse me, I have to go check some things off my list.


Pamela M said...

Hahaha, I LOVE this post!!

I am SO with you on the OCD thing about erasing things off of the DVR. It is constantly on my weekend (or weeknight) to-do list, and I just feel so fulfilled when I can erase another one. It would probably help if I dodn't watch just about everything on TV, but oh well!

And, as far as the Bachelorette, we've been watching, too and these comparisons are hilarious. I am rooting for JP and Ben!

Amber said...

I am the exact same way. the sense of accomplishment is the best, haha!

Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

Hahaha! You are so cute! I can totally relate! Catching up on my shows with two kiddos is like mission impossible around these parts! So it is totally an accomplishment when I do! Ha!