Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

We had quite the weekend around here. A little of this happened...

                                       Please excuse the coach in the background ...Mr. T got a little excited. Hence, the small child laugh.

That's right. Isabelle's walking! On Friday night we took her to Petsmart to walk around for a bit (I know, crazy kids and your wild Friday nights) because she loves animals and we wanted her to burn some energy so she would sleep all night. We were walking with her and holding her hand when low and behold, she saw a picture of a dog she apparently thought was adorable and she took off walking/running towards him! We were so excited and started jumping around with her (we are the crazy people in Petsmart...that's saying A LOT). She was so proud of herself!
The rest of the weekend we let her practice at the mall and just about anywhere we could. She is getting better and better each day at walking without actually having to think about it. She is resembling less of a drunk lady and more like a walking lady!  Not going to lie, I cried about it.
What is this mother crying gene about? I can promise you, before I had a baby, I cried maybe twice a year. You can ask Mr. T about that. I am not bragging about it nor am I proud about it (sometimes I feel like the tin man when everyone else is sobbing and I'm just sitting there), but I am telling you since I have become a mother I have become such a sob fest! I am going to blame it on the hormones for now, but I think it's just part of being a mom. My mom cries every Sunday when we say the prayer at family dinner. I always laugh at her, but now I can see that happening to me! Stupid cry baby...

Did you have a good 4th of July? We went over to my brothers house and swam (as you can tell, we do this a lot). My nephews love to swim with Isabelle and she LOVES to watch them do just about anything. My nephew talked my brother into letting him bleach his hair for summer. He thinks it looks awesome, I think it looks like an even more ridiculous version of Eminem. Why is this just a fad for kids younger than 16? It was cool when I was in high school and apparently it's still cool now? How ridiculous would men look if they showed up for work looking like that?! I also don't understand the tiny dog bows that the under 16 girls are wearing in their hair? What is that about? My 16 year old niece had her friends over this weekend to swim so I was around them for a while which made me come to the conclusion that Isabelle will be home schooled and locked in her room until she's 25. I kid, I kid. But I am going to need a lot of prayer and wine to make it through the teenage years. I'm such an old blue haired fart.

Plugging her ears.."I'm not listening mom"-the teenage years start already.

Playing with her lemon head cousin.

It was so nice to have a 3 day weekend with Mr. T at home. Being a stay at home mom can be really hard, so it's really nice to have someone around to help with the little things and just to have someone actually talk back when I talk to them! Isabelle has hit a few big milestones when Mr. T is at work and I always feel guilty that he had to miss it. Sometimes I pretend like it's a new trick she's doing for the first time for him, when really she's been doing it for days. I know he wouldn't be jealous, but for some reason I just feel guilty about it. Do you ever feel like that? Lord knows I tell him when she's been fussy all day. And I can't get my phone out fast enough to send him pictures of a nasty diaper she's just destroyed, but I keep the good stuff quiet? I guess I'm just a weirdo. How do you handle this?


Mags said...

New follower from TAT. Your little girl is just adorable, looking forward to more sweet pictures and stories!

Nikki said...

I found the button!! Congrats on the walker! I will definitely cry too. I cry like a fool whenever my daughter reaches a milestone, rolling over, crawling, etc. It's got to be a mom thing!

Just Run With It said...

SO ADORABLE that she's walking now! So so happy :) I love the video. Also? That Dawson picture is cracking me UP. Baaaahaha