Friday, July 22, 2011

What I'm LOVIN right now!

Looking at the past 11 months has made me realize how quickly life goes and how much I wish I would have started writing this blog when I got engaged, married, pregnant, became a mom. It has been such a fun outlet for me and I am really excited for the future when ALL my kids can read this and make fun of me. I really hope they make fun of me, then I'll know I've made it as a parent.

What I'm loving right now. Today, June 22, 2010
  • The way Isabelle bosses her juice cup around. She loves to swing it around and then toss it down when she's done. My bum has gotten tighter from constantly doing squats with her in my arms to pick it up and my abs have gotten stronger from laughing at her laughing at herself throwing her cup.
  • The way Isabelle goes some place where she can be alone, and finds something to hold on to while she poops. Her face also gets a little red and her eyes water. It's awesome. Just awesome.

  • Exhibit A: poop face in her PJ's in a restaurant
    • Knuckles, knees and elbows so chubby that they barely resemble a human joint. More like dimples.
    • Being busy the entire day, yet when Mr. T gets home, I can't name one thing that we really did. We just stayed busy
    • The way my love for Mr T. has grown. We've added tag team to the marriage resume. Grab her sippee cup, where's her pacifier, where's her baby, do we have snacks...OK we got it all? Crap, she pooped her diaper and it's all over her clothes. Time to start again.  
    • The way Isabelle walks with one hand constantly in the air. When she was first learning to walk, we held one of her hands to keep her steady. Now, I think it's a habit for her to hold her hand up. My mom says it looks like she's praising Jesus. I think it looks like she constantly has a question."Who farted?...Isabelle!
    •  Open mouth kisses. Isabelle's, not Mr. T's. I wouldn't share that info with you..that's just creepy. 
    • The way Isabelle flaps her arms and smiles so big that her eyes disappear when she sees her daddy come home from work. Melts my heart every time.
    • The smell of a clean, lavender covered baby after bath time, so tired that the only thing keeping her awake are her chubby fists rubbing her sleepy eyes.
    • Isabelle's love for her puppies. Before her, they were our babies. Now...they are her babies. One of her first baby signs (taught to her by her Uncle Dan) was a made up sign for puppy (patting her thigh).
    • The summer months. I love everything that comes with summer time. Ice cream, snow cones, water, the long days, night races, morning runs and family vacations.
    • Running. It has always been such a huge part of my life, and during pregnancy it was something that I dearly missed. I did run my entire pregnancy...but it wasn't the same. It was waddling. I like to actually RUN. Get my heart rate up. Sweat. Get a runners high....before I got pregnant, I thought I would never get a runners high again. I thought I just ran too much to get them anymore. Then when I was unable to actually "run" I realized how much I actually loved it and how lucky I am to be able to do it. The runners high came back.
    • Her natural love for other babies. She gravitates towards them and as soon as she gets her sticky little hands on them, she leans in for a kiss. She also gets concerned when she sees other babies crying. Its so apparent that God placed little mothering instincts in her. She will be a perfect big sister...some day.

    What are you lovin' right now? 

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    Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

    Ohhh! Your little is growing like crazy! That is amazing. Your family is beautiful. You are sooo blessed. :o)