Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We survived!

Yay!! I won the Crazy Joy challenge! If you haven't read about the challenge, you should definitely check it out! I've had a lot of fun trying to capture the word in a picture.
Sorry for the short hiatus in the blog world. Lately, life has been insane! I mentioned that last week my nephew came in town so we pretty much spent every waking moment with him. Isabelle loved having him around for some entertainment and Carter loved having Isabelle around because she literally laughs at everything he does!

On Thursday afternoon we left for San Diego with Mr. T's family. We surprised his step mom for her 50th birthday party. Her and Mr. T's (the original Mr. T) went early and we showed up later in the evening in her hotel room. She is a tough lady to surprise so it was amazing that they pulled it off with 5 (Mr. T has THREE sisters and a brother in law) people and a baby traveling across the country! This was our first trip to Cali together and Isabelle's first trip to the beach. She looooved it! I will be completely honest, I was really nervous about traveling that far with her. It took 6 hours of flying and we lost two hours due to the time change. That can spell disaster for an 11 month old (did I just say 11 month old?! Jeez, she's getting old!), but just like the trooper she is, she rolled with the punches and partied like a rock star! I'm pretty sure me and Mr. T were more exhausted than she was!
Our first day in San Diego, we rented beach cruisers (loooved them! Side note: If I lived in California. I would completely be a hippy. A hippy that showered. I would ride my bike everywhere and never own a car. I might even skip a few times shaving. So not much change there) and rode up and down Pacific Beach. Mr. T rode with Isabelle on the back and the rest of us got to ride solo. I was pretty excited about that after he complained that she kept kicking him in the butt (like mother like daughter), probably because he was going too slow (atta girl).

Happy with Mr. T and Papa John.
Not so happy after Papa John decided to tap her helmet like a football player.

Yup, you could call it paradise. Also, take note at Izzy's foot placement. I told ya, she's a slave driver.
On the second day of our vacation, the boys went golfing at Torrey Pines (which they said was ridiculously beautiful) and us girls went shopping! I didn't take any pictures of that, because who wants to see pictures of shopping? Not this girl. I am too busy at work looking for good deals. I should post pictures of Torrey Pines, but golf courses don't excite me either. So if you're curious as to what it looks like....watch the PGA. Or google it. Google knows everything. (side note: What is this google+ thing all about? Why is it so cool and better than facebook?)
Mr. T's sister is preggo and we roomed with her and her husband. Preggo lady in the summer=room at 45 degrees at ALL TIMES. I promise you, a few times, I woke up and I could have sworn I could see my breath. Have I told you how happy I am that I'm not pregnant this summer like I was last summer?
I've never been to a west coach beach and it was completely different than what I have been to before. The water was freeeezing (I'm a huge wimp with cold) so I didn't get in, but that didn't stop Isabelle! She got her daddy's sense of adventure and toughness ability to handle the cold so she LOVED to play in the water. She mostly liked the way her feet sunk in the sand.
Mr. T's step mom, Isabelle and Mr. T

She's just awesome.
I only ran ONCE while we were in San Diego! The weather was perfect for a run and I kept wanting to go, but other things just seemed to take the place of running. I ran when I came home and felt right back at home. I ran 3xmile with a 4 min recovery (5:48,5:55,5:59). I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest the entire time. It's really hot and humid here which makes for a tough run and a loney run  because it's too hot to take Spike and Mr. T was still sawing logs (I don't know why we say that. It doesn't actually sound like you're sawing logs). It was 85 this morning at 6am!  I can see why people are so in shape in California though...the weather is perfect! The high everyday was 70 degrees and the lows were 65. When we flew back home, the heat immediately took our breath away as we stepped off the plane. It was apparently 110 here all weekend. Why in the world do people live in Oklahoma?? 110 summer days and -30 degree winter days. On Thursday we are leaving with my side of the family for our trip to Colorado...or as Mr. T likes to call it "Fat Camp". We are going to be there a week where we hike, go for bike rides, run, shop and eat some delicious food! CAN'T WAIT! 
We had such a fun trip and everything went smoothly with Isabelle....until the plane ride home. We barely made our flight leaving San Diego to San Antonio (Mr. T's family doesn't know what "hurry" means. They're super laid back, which is what I love about them and what can also drive me crazy). The flight was 2hrs and 45 min (Isabelle slept the entire time...hallelujah! So did I...ouch neck), but then we had to stay on the plane from San Antonio to Dallas, which made the trip seem longer than a Transformers movie! THEN when we got to Dallas (late) we had to sprint to catch our flight, only to sit down and then have the flight attendants that there tell us something wrong with the plane ("it's not a big deal, but it is illegal so we can't fly with passengers"...what?!) and so we get off the plane and wait for another plane. The new plane's phone doesn't work, so we have to wait on ANOTHER plane. Awesome, we finally get on the last plane home and arrive at midnight instead of 10:00. That makes for a LOOONG ride home.
Our in flight entertainment."Izzy rappin, Izzy rappin" It's an original song written by her cousin for Isabelle.
Isabelle was really excited to sleep in her own bed and I was really excited to be reunited with a house that wasn't 45 degrees.
Once again, July is flying by! As soon as we get back from Colorado I will be planning Isabelle's first birthday party and making sure I have all her party things together. Where did the summer go? I remember when I was a kid, summer seemed FOREVER. Before you know it, fall will be here and that means college FOOTBALL time and pumpkin spice latte's at Starbucks...ahh the life.


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Isabelle is a cutie! What a precious family you have!

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I love San Diego and am glad Isabelle loved the beach! It has been nasty here in the midwest (I'm in KS) so you had god timing to get away!

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