Monday, March 5, 2012

18 months

Yup, that's right I have an 18 month old, which seems so old to me! Where did my tiny baby go? She's now a hilarious, adventerous, stubborn little toddler that makes me belly laugh everyday.

What she loves right now?
Daddy time, bringing sticks to Spike, taking walks with her stroller, fake laughing while slapping her leg like a little old lady, playing in her little pink car, the park, swinging, standing on her table to look out the window and spy on her dogs, Dora (shocker!), her bouncy zebra, books, puzzles, sparkly anything, and eating oranges (which she lovingly calls apples).

Her favorite words:
Eat (again...shocker!), home, Spike (sounds more like piiike), Luke (sounds like ooooke), Dada, mama, Dora, Bubba (her cousin Carter), HI!, BYE!, Wawa (any kind of drink).
She is always talking and just when you think she has run out of things to say, she goes through an anatomy lesson for you by pointing to your eyes (more like poking you in the eyes) pointing to your nose (sometimes trying to pick it) and pointing to any other body part she can think of to pass the time before she can think of another subject to talk about. Sister loooves to gab.

 This stroller goes everywhere with us. And this doll that resembles a little crack head? Izzy's kind of loves her. She's so not judgemental.

 This ornery little face is my favorite.

And....Flower face plant!

I can't believe we are six months away from having a TWO year old! When did time start going at lightning speed?! 


basebell6 said...

HAPPY 18 MONTHS!! this age is so fun! super cute pics.

p.s. loved that winter just arrived here and you guys have daffodils! :)

Val said...

Completely Adorable!