Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So What!

This week I am saying So What!

That I loved the Hunger Games so much that I was sad when it ended. What should I read now?

If my April is so booked up with trips that I am hardly going to be home. Boston, Nashville....Doesn't get more exciting than that!

If I bought Isabelle's Easter dress a month and a half ago. It's over the top and amazing. There is nothing cuter than kids dressed up. She is going to look like the spokesperson for Easter attire and a tad bit like the Easter bunny threw up on her.

 If I haven't gotten a hair cut in 4 months. Sure, my split ends are screaming for some freedom but I never feel like sitting in that chair and small talking about nothing. So I'll just pretend like I'm going for the hippy look.

My sister and nephew come in town all next week and I can hardly wait. What is it about when you get back with your siblings you suddenly turn into being 12 again?

My Jayhawks play on Saturday night and I'm already nervous. Of course I'm excited that we are in the final 4, but we are so close to getting to the big 'ship I can taste it! (I say "we" like I am on the team or something. Don't judge, but I feel like I am on the team...they need me).

If Izzy is turning into a mimic bird so I would rather not watch the Jayhawks play when she is in the room. I sound like a sailor/ a person with turrets sometimes when I watch them play and mama wants her baby to grow up with a pretty mouth. In my defense, the s-bomb just comes out. It's my moms favorite "naughty" word and she passed that gene down to me.


Amber said...

Glad to know IM not the only one that waits a while to get my haircut-its such a pain! Congrats on your team making it the final 4. I must admit your trips sound like fun and I love Nashville!

Jen said...

I honestly laughed out loud at a few of these. My favorites were your description of the easter outfit and being 12 when you get together with siblings. So true! Love your blog.

Brandy said...

My split-ends are out of control at this point.

mom FITting it all in said...

Can't wait to see her cute Easter dress! Have a great day